Dr Oz Bad Mood Boosters: Negative Ion Generators & D-Ribose

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Dr Oz Bad Mood Boosters: Negative Ion Generators & D-Ribose

By on April 4, 2012

Dr Oz’s Bad Mood Busters

Always seem to be in a bad mood? Did you know that your mood not only ruins your day, bad moods can also ruin your health? On today’s show, Doctor Oz shows you the foolproof solutions that come by way of food and beauty products. Don’t let a crap-tastic day ruin your health.

Dr Oz Mood Boosters

Dr Oz's Mood Boosters include Negative Ion Generators, Origin's Peace of Mind Massager & D-Ribose.

Dr Oz played a trick on the entire audience today to show you how your mood could change in an instant. He had is warm-up guy come out and announce that he was called away on an emergency and wouldn’t be on the show. After being promised tickets to a show next season, the audience became a little perturbed. (Okay, they were pissed off!)

Dr Oz went out to the crowd to one particular pissed off audience member, Jessica, who told him that she had dropped off the kids with a babysitter and switched around her schedule so she could be there. So yeah, she was upset when she thought Dr Oz wasn’t going to show up. Christina, another audience member, was even more upset because she wanted to announce that she had lost 10 pounds. She admitted that she went from happy to sad real quick. Rachel, another audience member was angry because she had just gotten her hair and makeup done to be on television. (That one made me laugh!)

How Your Age Affects Bad Moods

When you get into a bad mood in your 20s, your mood is able to easily bounce back because your body can handle it better. In your 30s, your body is able to handle the bad moods, however, it does not bounce back as quickly. In your 40s, your body doesn’t have the ability to bounce back from the bad moods anymore. (How ironic considering as you age, you seem to be angry at the world!) Dr Oz says bad moods not only ruin our day, it affects our body as well. As a bonus, when you stress, you begin to pack on the pounds, too. (Great! So not only are you pissed off, you have to be fat too!) Don’t fret just yet. Doctor Oz gave foolproof solutions to boost your mood.

Dr Oz: Negative Ion Generators

Negative ion generators is an inexpensive and proven method to boost your mood. Your body naturally has negative ions. Irritating things make you get into a bad mood (cell phone, dust, pollution.) Negative ion generators help get rid of those irritating factors by boosting your body’s negative ions. They come in many forms, such as a nightlight or a car generator, and emit negative ions to help your mood. The cost is only $20.

Dr Oz: D-Ribose Supplements

D-Ribose comes in powder form and is great for getting rid of tension and anxiety. Use D-Ribose in place of sugar. (It has less calories.) Take 2000 mg per day for maximum effect. Dr Oz suggested mixing ½ tsp of D-Ribose in tea. (An audience member tasted it and said it was delish!) D-Ribose is also used for people with chronic pain issues.

Dr Oz: Origins Peace of Mind Massager

Acupressure Meridian Massage helps to reduce stress by increasing the blood flow. Try Origins Peace of Mind Massager for on-the-spot relief. To use, massage into the back of the neck and work your way up to the ear lobes and temple. Thanks to the eucalyptus smell, this massager is used as aromatherapy too.

Swearing Boosts Your Mood

To help boost your mood when cranky, Dr Oz suggested swearing. (Finally, one of my personal faves. Just ask my kids!) Research shows that when you curse or swear, it takes out the tension from the emotion you’re feeling. Dr Oz says to pick a socially acceptable word. (Is there such a thing?) Dr Oz had his entire audience yell “Sh*t!” (Even if it doesn’t make you feel better, you had permission to swear.)

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Comments to Dr Oz Bad Mood Boosters: Negative Ion Generators & D-Ribose

  1. We heard that the Dr. Oz segment about negative ions and mood was very informative. But I’ve never seen a genuine negative ion generator for $20; only ozone generators. I have a drawer full of cheap “ionizers” people have sent us over the years that emit ZERO negative ions. If you can get a high-density negative ion generator (that produces the level of negative ions needed to affect people’s moods) for $20 or even $50, I sure would like to know where to get them.


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