Dr Oz Bad Mood Boosters: Negative Ion Generators & D-Ribose


Dr Oz’s Bad Mood Busters

Always seem to be in a bad mood? Did you know that your mood not only ruins your day, bad moods can also ruin your health? On today’s show, Doctor Oz shows you the foolproof solutions that come by way of food and beauty products. Don’t let a crap-tastic day ruin your health.

Dr Oz Mood Boosters

Dr Oz's Mood Boosters include Negative Ion Generators, Origin's Peace of Mind Massager & D-Ribose.


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    We heard that the Dr. Oz segment about negative ions and mood was very informative. But I’ve never seen a genuine negative ion generator for $20; only ozone generators. I have a drawer full of cheap “ionizers” people have sent us over the years that emit ZERO negative ions. If you can get a high-density negative ion generator (that produces the level of negative ions needed to affect people’s moods) for $20 or even $50, I sure would like to know where to get them.


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