Dr Oz: Barrett’s Esophagus & Nasal Esophagoscopy: Esophageal Cancer


Dr Oz: Esophageal Cancer Warning Signs

Dr Oz, along with Dr Jonathan Aviv, went over a list of Esophageal Cancer Warning Signs, Risk Factors and Solutions.  Here are some common warning signs of Esophageal Cancer:

– A lump in your throat that does not go away.

– Heartburn

– Hoarseness in the mornings

One lady told Doctor Oz that she had all of these warning signs, and so her doctor did a test where he removed part of her esophagus and he determined that she had Esophageal Cancer.  Dr Jonathan Aviv, an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) Specialist, said that acid in your stomach can go up into your esophagus, and overtime, this can cause Esophageal Cancer.  Dr Oz showed how the esophagus connects directly to the stomach, and when acid goes out of the stomach and up into the esophagus, you can start to have big problems.  You could see at the junction between the stomach and the esophagus a huge cancer that had formed.

Dr Oz: Esophageal Cancer Risk Factors

Dr Oz said that the following are three risk factors for getting Esophageal Cancer:

Dr Oz: High Acid Diet

If you have a diet that is high in acidic foods, it can increase your chances of getting Esophageal Cancer.  If you are concerned that you might be at an increased risk for getting this form of cancer, then you should be cautious about caffeine (coffee for example), chocolate, alcohol, breath mints, raw tomatoes and raw garlic.  The reason that breath mints can cause a problem is because the mint can actually increase the acid production in your stomach, which can increase your risk of having acid flow up from your stomach into your esophagus.  Good thing I prefer cinnamon gum to mint gum!

Dr Oz: Cigarette Smoking

All of us know that smoking cigarettes is awful for our health, but here is yet another reason to avoid being anywhere near cigarette smoke.  Dr Aviv told Dr Oz that smoking cigarettes is like the Esophageal Cancer Perfect Storm.  The nicotine loosens the muscle that separates the muscle from the esophagus, and it increases acid production as well.  Plus, nicotine is a direct carcinogen.

Dr Oz: Barrett’s Esophagus

Dr Oz did a demonstration to show how acid does nothing when it is inside of your stomach wall, because acid is supposed to be there.  However, if you are lying down after a meal or if you eat something acidic, the acid can move up into your esophagus.  The esophagus is made of a delicate tissue which gets destroyed by the acid, and eventually, you can develop a Barrett’s Esophagus.  This is one of the long term effects of having Acid Reflux Disease.

Dr Oz: Esophageal Cancer Solutions

Doctor Oz gave a list of three Esophageal Cancer Solutions:

Dr Oz: Don’t Eat Late

The first Esophageal Cancer Solution is to not eat your dinner too late.  You want at least three hours between when you finish your last meal of the day and when you go to sleep.

Dr Oz: Histamine Blockers & Proton Pump Inhibitors

Dr Oz said that you can treat Heartburn with Acid Blockers like Histamine Blockers or Proton Pump Inhibitors.  However, the Dr Oz Nasal Esophagoscopydownside of these medications is that they can inhibit calcium from being absorbed by your body, which is needed for bone strength.  Plus, you can still be burning your esophagus while on these medications, and you may not even k now it because the medicine blocks the burning feeling.  Dr Jonathan Aviv said that within 2 weeks of taking these medications, your heartburn symptoms should go away completely.  But if you have throat symptoms, you should definitely see your doctor and discuss it with him / her.

Dr Oz: Nasal Esophagoscopy

Dr Oz had Dr Aviv demonstrate how to do a Nasal Esophagoscopy, which is a test like a colonoscopy but for your throat.  You are not sedated during a Nasal Esophagoscopy, and you can even talk while it is being done.  The doctor just places a small tube down your nose and examines the junction where your stomach meets your esophagus.  This is one way to help screen for Esophageal Cancer.

Dr Oz: DeGregorio Family Foundation for Stomach & Esophageal Cancer Research

Dr Oz encouraged everyone to make a donation to the DeGregorio Family Foundation for Stomach and Esophageal Cancer Research.  You can make a donation online here.


  1. Linda Danner says

    I had a Colonoscopy and Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (Esohagoscopy/gastroscopy/Duodenoscopy) on 8/10/2011, by a Gastrologist at a Hospital
    under anesthesia. Dr. said everything was fine after. Report shows hiatal hernia/gerd.
    I have the symptoms you have covered for Esophageal Cancer and wonder if I am cleared of the cancer with the test I have had, or should I pursue an Ear, Nose, Throat Dr. for the
    Transnasal Esophagoscopy? I was a smoker until late April, 2011; do drink alcohol; and take medicine for acid reflux. I also was in hospital in May with bi-lateral Pulmonary Embolisms in the lungs. Tests showed I have had blood clots in the past also. Will greatly appreciate your advice. Thank You

  2. Kathleen Welch says

    Shouldn’t we worry about having to take RX’s that suppress acid for months an even years? There are definite downsides to PPI’s and they are highly addictive….hip fractures, b-12 can be depleted, and other side effects of long term use….I know they serve a purpose initially to heal some conditions…but the way they are so overprescibed…..and extremely difficult to stop taking, even after only 8 weeks is scary….diet, lifestyle changes would be so much easier than coming off these drugs…I wish I had known 10 years ago when they were prescribed to me…the rebound acid you get while trying to stop is horrendous.

  3. Joanne says

    I thought eating raw garlic helped prevent esophageal cancer? I eat 2 – 3 raw garlic cloves (diced) in my spinach salad daily…

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