Dr Oz: Bath Salts Deadly New Drug Craze: Cloud 9 & Bonsai Grow


Dr Oz did a segment called The Deadly New Drug Craze You Don’t Know Your Kids Are Doing.  Have you heard about Bath Salts?  Doctor Oz said that you can buy Bath Salts legally at gas stations and convenience stores around the country – and with a name as innocent sounding as Bath Salts, your teen may think it is fairly harmless.  But Bath Salts are highly hallucinogenic and can be deadly.  Bath Salts are made up of MDPV and are injected, snorted or swallowed, which leads to convulsions and psychotic episodes.  Poison Control Centers and Emergency Rooms around the country are seeing and hearing more and more about this new drug craze.

Dr Oz: Bath Salts Over-The-Counter

Dr Oz went into a tobacco store in New York City to see how easy it would be to get Bath Salts.  He walked away with two packets for $80.  One packet Dr Oz Bath Saltswas disguised as plant food and called Bonsai Grow.  On the package it says “Energy For Your Plants.  Garden Plant Food.  Instructions: empty contents into 16 oz water. Water plant 3 times a week.  Do not sell to minors.  Not for human.”  The first thing that struck me is that the package would say something like it should not be sold to minors – if it was really a plant food, then why wouldn’t a minor be allowed to buy it?  And who would spend $40 on a tiny packet of plant food?  Plus the sentence “Not for human” is not even proper English, which makes me wonder where these Bath Salts are even being manufactured.  The second packet of Bath Salts that Doctor Oz purchased was called Lovey Dovey Bath Salt Gels and it also said on the package “not for human consumption.”

Dr Oz: Bath Salts & Poison Control Center

Dr Oz said he is outraged that these drugs are being sold over-the-counter to our teens.  Mark Ryan, Pharm D – the director of the Louisiana Poison Control, said that in his 19 years of experience, he has never seen a drug like this that is ravaging our nation.  People buy these Bath Salts for a euphoric effect, but the end up having a horrible trip that they do not like.  And we do not know if these effects will be permanent or not.


  1. MolokoVeloo says

    There is no way it is 90% mdpv. thats just rediculous considering the strength of mdpv there is no way you are going to buy 90% pure mdpv in 250mg quantities over the counter. id love to see that test posted. absolute nonsense

  2. Erica from Canda says

    This stuff is dangerous and really should be banned and who cares if there isnt 90% of mdpv it still is really dangerous who ever posted that is non sense! why are you freaking out over a percentage i dont know if you have kids or not but still kids are dying over bath salt ? Serious this stuff is dangerous and should be banned, im only 17 and i had my share of fun and i dont care i think this should be gone and out of canda so when i have my baby they wont have to have that kind of tramatic apperience

  3. adrienne sylvester says

    I have been hearing very mixed reviews if Cloud 9 really gives you energy or not. I was wondering if you were to do any samples or coupons. I would love to try it out and I have several interested others if it were to be a good product.
    Adrienne Sylvester
    6007 NE Lessard Rd
    Camas, WA 98607

  4. longhairedhamster says

    i’ve snorted the tranquility,white girl,and right now am on the energizing aromatherapy powder the first two were not that bad until i did alot over a 3-4 day period not sleeping the whole time however what i just got through with i only did two small lines and i got to say my heart is beating rapidly my mind is not responding the way it should i am scared i might die tonight but if i do then that is my own fault i guess the only reason i am writing this is so someone somewhere won’t make the same mistake i did i am downing beer after beer triing to make make myself throw this crap up untill then let me share my experiences with you, first and foremost the tranquility made me very violent to the point my wife left me, so then after a month or so i discovered the white girl that was fine untill i had a 4 day bender with no sleep about 3 in the morning i decided to take a shower i did a line jumped in there and then my arms grew lips and toungues sticking out of them and the toungues started lapping up the water that was flowing down onto my skin i immediatly got out of the shower and ran outside where i felt my brain triing to wiggle its way out of my head the trees started bending over to touch the ground and began dancing with each other i felt an intense chest pain about an hour later that brought me to my knees and around three hours later i was back sober and vowed never to do this stuff again,fast forward 3 days later i had a moment of weakness and asked a gas station attendent if they sold bath salts in that store she said yes and told me the differanrt ones they have i chose the energizing aromatherapy powder cause i never tried it before i bought two packages for 51 dollars and some change i did two lines and now i think i am going to die and dont think i’m just haveing a “BAD” trip cause i’m not i had a bad trip on acid once and this is nothing like it i am sorry i am rambling i guess i just want ppl to be aware this is bad stuff stay away from it as a user i vote ban this crap nothing good can come from it i will update yall if i make it through the night goodbye

  5. longhairedhamster says

    also i would like to add the white girl out of the three i’ve tried makes you the most dehydrated i dfrak water till i could pee clear and my lips still developed a sore on them kinda like meth sores on ppls faces ban this stuff it could hurt alot of uninformed ppl

  6. Annie says

    this stuff is horrible. I have seen first hand what it does to people, not just teenagers but adults as well. Many people that my husband works with are using it, they are destroying relationships, losing their jobs and worse. In fact, my own marriage is on it’s last legs because of “bath salts”.

  7. Annie says

    My husband has had hallucinations, paced the floors paranoid that people are driving by the house, thought he was going to die, developed sores in his mouth, the list goes on and on….I refuse to live with someone that wants to live like this.

  8. prosperity472 says

    What a bunch of socialist mutts you people are! hey – while. You aare at it why not ban glue, permanent markers and all household cleaners? Dr Oz is a pathetic progressive looking to both take away your rights while increasing his dismal ratings.

  9. Lance says

    The thing that is so dangerous is that this stuff is insanely strong and when you do it, you don’t realize that. There’s something in your brain that makes you unaware of how strong it is, but I’ve done my research, and I’ve experimented too but I would NEVER do a “line” of this stuff. My gosh, 1/2 gram should last you 3 days and even THAT is pushing it. I realize that everyone is different but one thing that is the same for everyone that I know that has done this stuff is that you have no idea of the strength of it. Nobody I know can just do a little bump (like 1/100th of the 1/2 gram) and then stop, but that is PLENTY to do in a days time. Also, anyone that drives on this stuff is gonna find out the hard way that it impares you without you knowing it. You do SUPER dumb stuff and wind up not remembering anything. Very little is known about it right now, but I do know this, people take WAY too much of it. A $23 pkt. of energizing aromatherapy powder (500mg) lasted me 4 days and I know I did too much cuz I couldn’t sleep for 4 days. I am not a doctor, I am just posting this in hopes that someone will believe what I say and hopefully because they read my post they will take a smaller quantity which could save their life and others lives…

  10. bro says

    to the people FREAKING out about the energy powder bathsalt… ive been doing it for 3 days straight…

  11. Exactly Dangerous Stuff! says

    @bro Really! I just learned that my friend’s friend died because of this stuff. Are you kiding me?That is why I have been researching.So let compare weak die and misleading people about losting thair life !

  12. justin says

    The people who are dying are careless naive idiots. Any common sense would tell you to take it slow and feel it out before jumping in. Ive been doing them for 4 months 3-5 days a week. No pysch problems, no physical problems. Just went and had a full physical done just to put my mind at ease. Dont get me wrong this is potent. But the fact that some people are getting ahold of it and ruining yet another great thing for enthusiasts is really getting annoying. These chemicals wouldnt even exist if prohibition wasnt in effect.

  13. William mckinley says

    What a bunch of crap! If you do small amounts it will not hurt you,period. Gives a good energy boost and a general feeling of happiness . Some people overdo everything.

  14. Ian Azzam says

    If your not smart enough to take small amounts of this stuff like anyone with drug experience just dont do it! Lets all cry about it, lets worry about the serious drugs before we start knockin on the pointless drug. And knowing a friend whos friends friend died from it is one of the dumbest arguments ive ever heard. I know friends of friends whos friends died from huffing paint doesnt mean its a danger to me doesnt mean im gonna do it, plus the fact it affects everyone differently like any drug, just use it in moderation just like anything else.

  15. Tired of this stuff says

    I’m a bath salt user, unfortunately. I know I’m an addict. I got addicted to painkillers from and injury sustained in the Army. I suffer from bipolar, depression, and PTSD, during a very low point 3 months ago, I made the mistake of trying bath salts. At first, I thought this stuff could be the answer to some of my problems- mainly depression and fatigue. I was stupid, and knew better, but desperately wanted to feel better. This addiction creeps up quicker than people realize. These are dangerous substances being sold! Do not try them! This stuff is causing me to have extreme paranoia, auditory hallucinations, anger, mood swings and severe depression accompanied by suicidal ideations. Trying to abruptly stop is the worse, I have no dopamine left. I have been so extremely depressed, I fill like a worthless failure with serious feelings of hopelessness. I’m scared to death I won’t be able to stop, or that I might end up blowing my brains out because of the severe depression. I knew better and tried this crap anyways. Im afraid I’m going to lose my girlfriend over this if I don’t get back to a stable mental state. Ive hidden my use from everyone because I’m ashamed of what I’m doing. I truly want to quit and I’ve gone a day without. I’m bad off right now. I truly hope a federal ban on this poison is put in place. Nothing good can come from this. I know I was stupid for trying this, but I don’t need anyone to tell me that.

  16. EvolutionThroughBalance says

    Ok Tired,

    Here we go. Cold Turkey is a cold and painful process. First, you need a responsible party to hold the salts. Weaning is going to reek so much less havoc on your system. Unfortunately, weaning takes willpower, but you will not feel like you are never going to feel normal again. Remember, you are not taking it to feel the full effects, but to counteract the severe imbalance in physical and emotional balance. Allow them to slowly taper off and regulate your dosage both in quantity and time between dosage. Coffee mixed with green tea and some form of exercise combined with empowering music will be of great assistance. An opiod against such as Tramadol will assist with the body tremors and chronic fatigue. Ask the doc about precautions due to your past painkiller addictions. Alkalize your body due to the acidic body environment that the salts produce. Ice your body down and turn the air up. When you start eating like a horse, make sure you drink plenty of water as a lot of the hunger sensation is due to dehydration. Yes, it feels /like you’ll never feel normal again, but your body SLOWLY normalizes.

  17. says

    This is all once again putting the onus on the govt to fix people who won’t controlt hemselves. Should be ban drain cleaner because people can kill themselves with it? Should we ban gasoline because people start fires with it? What the hell happened to people having self control and being able to decide right from wrong? I KNOW what is good and bad for me, including too much alcohol and sugar and don’t want the government to help me with that IF I am using a product for what it is intended. Do the bath salts make you sick if you use them as bath salts? if the answer is yes, then I think they need to be removed, but if you use them for other reasons then I say no. You can’t police every product that is used for other purposes. Maybe if I snorted Frontline for flea protection it would make me high and crazy too. Should we ban that??

  18. EvolutionThroughBalance says

    OMG, Frontline? Why didn’t I think of that. Will it work? What kind of crazy do you think it gives you? Like a see things crazy, like going through a tunnel? Or everything feels furry and awesome crazy? Have you tried it?!

  19. Diana~ worried about husband in Ct says

    I’m sitting here reading ALL these comments. Let me tell you ALL, this stuff is NOT GOOD!
    My husband started it a few months ago & he is now at a Hospital trying to get off of it. He has PTSD, depression,& works out side with equip. He was looking for alittle xtra energy.
    (over 50yrs old club) I’m going thur breast cancer so things have not been easy for him, his mom died of cancer a few yrs ago. This crap is addictive! All you people saying just do alittle, BULL! It creeps up & you just want more!
    It is taking everything from us, I pray my husband will make it through b/c he was talking about police coming in to get him & has extreme paranoia.
    PLEASE do NOT start this crap, It’s HELL on earth.

  20. Nick says

    Well the fact of the matter is, this stuff is dangerous, but can be very fun, like all drugs. With this substance we just don’t really know what all is in it.. Some people don’t listen to what people say and have to try things for themselves, SO if you are going to try this drug, I would not recommend shooting it… (knew a guy that did that, stayed up for multiple days at a time and ended up in jail…) And to the people that are having “bad trips”… That’s just what happens when you stay up for several days without sleep, you begin to dream while being awake, (Hallucinate) . If you have ever known someone on meth for extended periods of time, ask them what happens after being up for a week… people are going to use them because they are legal and dont show up on UA’s. People want to get high without the consequences! I can sympathize with people about having bad “comedowns” because I have done coke for days at a time and that stuff sucks, very depressing, But you have to think that for however good you feel, you will feel equally bad when it wears off, its just newtons law, what goes up must come down,,,. This stuff is just like meth (maybe a little stronger) I am using the snow leopard, and have been up all night off less than half a gram ($24.99) at a local gas station. SO, if you do decide to do this, have fun, be safe, and no matter how badly you are feeling afterwards, it will pass… It might take a few days depending on how long you stayed up, but it will… DON’T KILL YOURSELF!

  21. Steve O says

    Hi. I am a full grown adult male. Picked up a packet of Ivory Wave at a local store out of curiosity. I did not think much of it. I ended up doing 400 mgs in two days. Worst experience of my life. How the Feds can make marijuana and salvia divinorum illegal, but allow this poison to be sold is beyond me. I am an open minded individual, but this stuff is poison. Ban it. It makes cocaine look like candy. PS I did not feel normal again for over a week.

  22. Nanci says

    i just facilitated a Survivor of Suicide meeting and had a mother of a 19 year old son that shot himself after using Vanilla Sky.

  23. says

    I totally agree with the guy calling all of you names. I mean don’t ruin it for everyone, people should know when not to take anymore. I myself have done a whole bottle in one night with a buddy, and we are fine. Also the guy named NICK good writing on this, everyone be safe with this . Just don’t over do it, or listen to dr.oz cause he has never done it so he don’t know. If your reading all of these you prolly don’t need to be doing it anyways cause your paranoid already. Lol but you will be ok. Including myself, I’m a very paranoid pearson I just control it. Just take deep breaths and think of lil fluffy bunnies lol.

  24. David Fialko says

    Anti-Parkinsonian Drugs found in Bath Salts? Yeah ok…why do you think they are in there. TO Cover up irreversable side effects while your using them. Then once you stop abusing them….whamo…symptoms on the spectrum similar to parkinsons.

    (MDPV)Simple derivatives such as methcathinone and N,N-dimethylcathinone can be synthesized by oxidation of Ephedrine (or pseudoephedrine)

    This requires reacting the precursor with a solution of potassium permanganate in diluted sulfuric acid!!

    One of the hazards of the permanganate process is that users can suffer manganese poisoning/syndrome if the product is not purified(made in china= not pufified)

    Manganese Syndrome: is associated with chronic exposre to manganese particles. These particles are in the Bath Salts!!!

    Clinical features include CONFUSION; HALLUCINATIONS; and an extra pyramidal syndrome (PARKINSON DISEASE, SECONDARY) that includes rigidity; DYSTONIA; retropulsion; and TREMOR. (Adams, Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1213)

  25. Star Brooks says

    We have always told our kids who are now adults to not do anything that controls you, and that would go for hard drugs and alcohol… but our 33 year old son has been hooked on bath salts since December of 2010… he has lost his family, his job, been in the mental healt hospital, been treated for extreme psychosis and he never ever told anyone that he had tried them. The trail of wrappers alerted his girlfriend who had just battled a meth problem but she had to ask for a restraining order as the physical violence was showing up in front of their five year old daughter. He has lied, cheated, and stolen and embarked on mad schemes to get money for so called “medicines”. He has told people that we are not his real parents and argued with me yesterday saying he had been in a foster home when he had not been. This junk is banned after October 7, 2011 and not a minute too soon. My boy has lost his mind and now it is debatable he will ever get it back!

  26. Worried sister says

    I just recently found out my brother is doing bath salts. My mom is worried sick and has been trying to convise him to seek help. He denies he has a problem.

    I live long distance from him and feel tremendously helpless. I call him on the phone. He sounds so normal but his conversation is somewhat not normal. He talks about seeing orbs around in the trees. He says he has been trying his best to capture pictures of them. He talks about the works on his facebook page scramble around before his eyes as if they are demon-possessed.

    My brother acts as if everyone is over-reacting and that all the other people who have had bad things happen to them are just overdoing it. He claims he is in control and knows only to take a little. He claims it gives him so much evergy—he can come home from work and feels like doing whatever he needs to do. He says it is safe and can easily be bought in a local store.

    I am very worried—like I said I live long distance—-I feel so helpless. My mom says he rarely ever sleeps–hasn’t been eating much—has lost alot of weight and keeps mentioning killing himself b/c people want leave him alone. His girlfriend says he rambles all through her house looking for things—follows her to her job checking on her & accuses her of cheating on him.

    He denies he needs help–says he has everything under control and wants to be left alone.

    What to do! Please advise my mom and I!!!! We are desperate and love him very much. We cannot believe he would do something soooo stupid.

  27. Ron says

    I love the comments..and the disinformation. I have used MDPV for years as a pre-workout and so have countless others. I have a normal life no paranoia no tongues coming out of my arms.never saw purple monkeys etc..give me a friggin break.

    You will ask are you healthy, I am 45 zero health issues, workout six days a week on top of owning and running a business that is thriving in this tough economy. This stuff has been around for decades your just discovering it.These fools abuse everything they get there hands on, then it becomes an issue.
    The truth is, if i where to drink 20 Redbull’s or a gallon of coffee I would probably die..same thing goes for anything. The solution is to go cry to big mommy and daddy government for the solution..ban..ban…ban.
    Keep listening to the Oprah Dr Phil Oz doctors propaganda machine..lemmings!!!!

    Make sure you get your Flu shots and bath your kids in Purell after reading this.

  28. Caiohmle says

    So…..I don’t want to try this drug at all. But I’m a little off anyway in a goofy odd way. I may have bought one of the energizing aromatherapy bath salts or Euphoria and actually used it in my bath. Lord knows that I would never have put something named Scarface or Hurricane Charlie in my bath while I’m soaking in some bubbles. I mean, that doesn’t sound relaxing at all. What happens when you’re a little clueless like little ol me? Does it mean that there might be an extended release reason to my madness soaked up in my SKIN!?!? AAAAARRRGH!!! Help me!!! My bath time will never be the same again. I switching back to Calgon.

  29. niamh mooney says

    one hit is one hit too many this stuff is lethal, how many horror stories does one need to hear before this stuff is banned not that banning it will help i live in ireland and this crap has only appeared here in the last two years and it is reakin havoc

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