Dr. Oz: Bathroom Boosters to Help You Go To The Bathroom

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Dr. Oz: Bathroom Boosters to Help You Go To The Bathroom

By on March 22, 2010

Doctor Oz is always talking about the importance of going to the bathroom often… he sure does love poop!  He played a game on his show called “Bathroom Boosters” to teach us about foods that move you!  See if you can figure out which foods have the most fiber, and therefore will make you go to the bathroom.  For healthy recipes, don’t forget to checkout Recipes For Diets!

Dr. Oz: Bathroom Boosters

1.  Which has more fiber: artichokes, brussel sprouts or broccoli?

ANSWER: Artichokes!  Artichokes have 10 grams of fiber (twice the amount of fiber found in broccoli or brussel sprouts), plus artichokes have many antioxidants and can help lower your cholesterol after a big meal.

2.  Which has more fiber: quinoa, Bulgar or brown rice?

ANSWER: Bulgar!  Bulgar is a roasted and cracked wheat that is commonly found in the Mediterranean diet.  Bulgar is also rich in protein, reduces your risk of heart disease and reduces your hunger after a meal… sounds fabulous!

3.  Which has more fiber: garbanzo beans, kidney beans or navy beans?

ANSWER: Navy beans!  Navy beans have 19 grams of fiber per cup and are also high in magnesium, which is good for blood pressure.

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Bathroom Boosters to Help You Go To The Bathroom

  1. tahlia arneaud says:

    hi dr.oz,my name is tahlia and im 12 years old from canada and im a competitive athlete that has gained alot of weight during my time off sports and now my provincial championships are coming up and im not sure how to lose all the weight i gained in less than 3 days .
    i heard that one of the ways was to poop out my weight but i dont know what to eat to do that…
    help me please dr.oz!!!

  2. James Garza says:

    Need help going to the rest room I usually go like once a week if someone could help will appreciate it…

  3. Had a ovarian cancer scare and had a full hysterectomy, am having a real hard time having bowel movement which has always been my case, but now it’s really bad need ideas on what to do so it’s not so painful, which has caused a whole lot of spotting to where I can’t go without pads and having to change 3-4 times a day and then when I get up the bowl is solid red. Have a call into my dr and should hear back tomorrow. My hysterectomy was performed on Veterans Day. I also take pain pills for my fibromyalgia and a benign brain tumor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Was blessed that this all came back benign. I am a 59 yr old lady (if that matters). Thank you for your time

  4. Eat lots of roasted garlic, cut tops off, put a small slice of butter and sprinkle garlic salt with parsley cook at 375 for 45 min. Add to any dish.. Cleans you out!! Should help with cancer or tumors.. Garlic helps kill everything!!!

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