Dr Oz: Bathroom, Coughing & Burping Urges – Don’t Resist Urges!


Dr Oz did a segment on the importance of not resisting the urge to go to the bathroom, to cough or to burp.  Here is a recap of why Doctor Oz said it is crucial to not hold in your pee, coughs or burps! Dr Oz Dangerous to Hold In Pee

Dr Oz: Do Not Hold In Pee – Bathroom Urges

Dr Oz said that your urinary system begins with your kidneys producing urine, which goes down the ureters into your bladder, which is where the urine waits until you go to the bathroom and the pee is released through the urethra.  There is enough room in your bladder for 14 ounces of water, and when it gets full and you go to the bathroom, you feel a sense of relaxation and relief.  However, if you hold in your urine, your bladder can get stretched much larger than it should be.  This can lead to a big problem, because your bladder can get stretched out, which weakens the walls, and then when you go to the bathroom, your bladder will not be emptied out completely because the bladder will not contract back to its normal size.  If you do not empty your bladder all the way, then you can get Urinary Tract Infections because it becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow.  And when it gets to this point, the doctor often has to push a catheter inside of you to force your bladder to truly empty out – ouch!

Dr Oz: Do Not Resist Coughing – Coughing Urges

Dr Oz said that the next bodily function that you should not resist is coughing, because coughing is a natural way that our body gets rid of stuff it does not want in it like viruses and bacteria.  If you stifle your cough, then it does not come out.  So you want to encourage big coughs so that you can empty out the phlegm and mucus, because otherwise a congested cough can prolong a cold.

Dr Oz: Do Not Resist Burping – Burping Urges

Dr Oz said that the last bodily function you should never suppress is burping.  If you have to burp and you hold it in, then the air collects in your stomach and does not come out, which can lead to bloating and discomfort.  Dr Oz said that he has even had patients die from having air in their stomach that they could not burp out since they were under anesthesia.

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