Dr Oz: BBQ Condiment- Healthy Condiments for Summertime BBQ

Doctor Oz discussed BBQ Condiment in a game called “Condiment Counter.”  What are Healthy Condiments so that you can cut back on sodium, salt, sugar and calories at your next summertime BBQ?  BBQ Condiment

Which BBQ Condiment has the least salt? Yellow Mustard, Ketchup or Relish?

Dr Oz said that yellow mustard is the BBQ Condiment with the least salt, at only 58 mg of sodium per tablespoon.  Make sure you get yellow mustard though, because Dijon Mustard has 120 mg of salt!  Relish has 122 mg of salt and ketchup has 167 mg of salt.

Which BBQ Condiment has the least sugar? Steak Sauce? BBQ Sauce? Teriyaki Sauce?

Dr Oz said that steak sauce is the BBQ Condiment with the least sugar.  Steak sauce has 2 grams of sugar, teriyaki sauce has 4 grams of sugar and bbq sauce has 9 grams of sugar.



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