Dr Oz: Beauty Mistakes: Neck Moisturizer & Wash Hair Before Face

Dr Oz did a segment on 3 Beauty Mistakes making you look older. Some of these I would have guessed as being Beauty Mistakes – but others I am completely guilty of doing myself. For example, I definitely moisturize my face, but completely ignore my neck. This will all be changing tonight! Dr Oz Neck Moisturizer

Dr Oz Beauty Mistake #1: Using Under Eye Creams

Dr Oz asked which beauty mistake could be aging you: washing your face with water only, using an under-eye cream or using a liquid foundation. Doctor Oz said that using an under eye cream can actually create under eye bags, because you are treating a very thin and delicate skin with creams that are irritating and frustrating. You should avoid under eye creams with fragrances and preservatives like Quaternium-15, which actually release Formaldehydes which is bad for your skin and is only used to preserve and extend the shelf life of the product. Instead, Dr Oz suggested using cold compresses and eye creams without fragrances or preservatives.

Dr Oz Beauty Mistake #2: Washing Your Face Before Hair

Dr Oz asked which of these beauty mistakes could be prematurely aging you: exfoliating with Glycolic Acid, using a matte powder or washing your face before your hair in the shower? Dr Oz said that if you wash your face before your hair in the shower, then the shampoo and conditioner can actually help oils from your hair get onto your face, which can give you breakouts and issues along your hair line. So instead, wash your face at the very end of your shower. This one I actually already do (thank you Grandma!) – it is just the others that I must focus on!

Dr Oz Beauty Mistake #3: Neck Moisturizer

Dr Oz said that one of these are a beauty mistake: tweezing eyebrows, washing your face with a washcloth or not moisturizing your neck. The mistake is to not moisturize your neck. The skin on your face naturally ages and thins, but we tend to help that out by putting on moisturizers. Your neck skin though has less collage to plump it up, so the skin can begin to sag. So Dr Oz suggested paying more attention to your neck than to your face and to use a moisturizer and Retinol Creams on your neck to keep your neck from aging!

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