Dr Oz: Beauty Products & Makeup Routines: Helpful or Harmful?


Doctor Oz played a game called “Helpful or Harmful” to teach us what Beauty Products and Beauty Routines are helpful or harmful to our health.  Lets see how well you do! lip plumpers are bad for you

Helpful or Harmful Beauty Products & Routines:

How many pounds of skin do most people shed in a year?

Dr Oz said that most people shed nine pounds of skin each year… this is what makes all of the dust in your house!

Pumice Stone – Helpful or Harmful?

Doctor Oz said that Natural Pumice Stone is helpful. Natural Pumice Stone is made of lava and makes your feet soft by removing dead skin cells.

What percentage of Americans reported a skin reaction to one or more products?

Dr Oz said that 25% of Americans have reported a skin reaction to one or more cosmetic product.

Lip Plumper – Helpful or Harmful?

Doctor Oz said that Lip Plumpers are harmful, because they plump up your lips through irritating your lips.

True or False: Hair on arms, legs, eyelashes & brows have a growth phase of 45 days?

True!  The growth phase is 45 days for the hair on your arms, legs, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Tweezers – Helpful or Harmful?

Doctor Oz said that tweezers are helpful!



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