Dr Oz: Beaver Anal Gland Juice in Candy & Maggots in Mushrooms


Dr Oz: Gross Things in Your Food

Still not grossed out yet but the Gross Habits Dr Oz spoke about? Doctor Oz has the remedy for that! On today’s show, he was joined by Food Insider, Bruce Bradley to discuss the disgusting stuff in your foods that you don’t even know about. (An eight-year-old boy’s dream!)

Dr Oz Beaver Anal Juice in Candy

Dr Oz spoke about gross things in our food like maggots in canned mushrooms and Beaver Anal Juice in candy.

Dr Oz: Maggots in Canned Mushrooms

Sara, an audience member, said her favorite food was canned mushrooms. She loved canned mushrooms in stir-fry and on homemade pizza. She even ate them straight out of the can. (That’s about to change!) Bruce told her that next time she grabs a can of mushrooms, know that maggots may be inside along with the mushrooms. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allows up to 20 maggots in your 3 ½ oz can of mushrooms. (Um, yuck!) Bruce suggested buying your mushrooms fresh and seasonal. Be sure to wash them properly.

Dr Oz: Beaver Anal Gland Juice in Hard Candy

Rebecca, an audience member, told Dr Oz that loved hard candy. She was a teacher and talked all day so she opted for hard candy to help soothe her throat. Her little girl also loved hard candy. Bruce says anal juice (or castoreum) from beavers may be in your hard candy. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.) The anal juice is used to enhance flavors. To avoid, eat less hard candy. (Ya think?!)

Dr Oz: Fruit Fly Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Sandy, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she loved tomato sauce and ate it 3-4 times per week. Bruce says fruit fly eggs can be hidden in your tomato sauce. The FDA calls them “allowable defects” and allows up to 30 in your sauce. The eggs get in there because the fruit flies lay eggs on the tomatoes before processing. If you’re looking to avoid this in your food, make your own sauce at home. Just be sure to properly wash the tomatoes.


  1. Dar says

    I want to know how you get beaver annul juice for hard candy? My grandson needs to know.

  2. falexlang says

    Svenden GE. 1978. Castor and anal glands of the beaver (Castor canadensis) J Mammalogy 56 (3): 618-620. Read this short paper. Flavoring is more likely from the castor gland.

  3. Robin says

    If there are eggs in tomato sauce… why cant the company that makes this sauce clean the tomatoes?

  4. Jason DeLaney says


    C’mon, guys, this is just scare talk.

    1.) Maggots in mushrooms – Those are not fly larvae, they are larvae of the fungus gnat, and you’ll find them in ALL mushrooms to some extent, fresh OR canned. As someone who harvests mushrooms, I can tell you that 20 maggots in 3.5 oz. of mushrooms is NOTHING. Also, washing mushooms doesn’t help as the larvae eat their way through the mushroom. All washing does is dilute the flavor of your mushrooms.

    2.) As you well know (or should know if you’d done your research) castoreum comes from the castor sacs, not anal glands.

    3). Tomato sauce cooked at home will have exactly the same issue.

    Cook at home, certainly – it’s better, healthier food, but don’t be under the illusion that you’re going to avoid things like mushroom maggots, fruit fly eggs and larvae, and all of these other “gross” things… you’re not… they are part of food and, frankly, you probably eat more animal protein in the form of spiders ingested while you sleep than you do in the form of mushroom maggots or fruit fly eggs every year.

  5. Mort says

    Jason is correct in his statements.

    Doctor Oz needs tarred and feathered. Yes, he is a medical doctor, a cardiac doctor!!!! This man does not specialize in anything else to be an expert and thrust forth unsubstantiated jumbo. He needs to stick with what he knows.

    It would be okay if he stayed on firm medical ground that he is knowledgeable on. He is NO nutrition expert! Experts on nutrition tell you the benefits of vitamins are from consuming them in their natural state and not supplements. Even the advice on foods are not the complete truth.

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