Dr Oz: Bed Bug Prevention & High Risk Public Places for Bedbugs


Doctor Oz did a segment on Bed Bug Infestations and included a list of three public places that you are at a high risk for picking up bed bugs, as well as what we can do to prevent bringing bedbugs into our homes.  I am going to be much more cautious now! Bedbug Prevention Checklist

High Risk Public Places for Bed Bugs

1.  Movie Theaters – Bed bugs like the dark, and at movie theaters people sit still for several hours which gives the bugs time to feed.  Bed bugs can live for up to one year off of just one feeding, how disgusting is that???  If you are not careful, the bedbugs can go on you and in your purse, so that you will take them home with you.  Here are some tips to keep away the bed bugs.


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    so i work in a hotel that had an outbreak of bedbugs they discovered the day after i left for vacation i stayed at a hotel on vacation for one night and now three days later my son has some bites on his arms that appear to be mosquito bites except for the fact that there are four in a straight line on one of his arms.so naturally i’m thinking it’s probably bedbug bites my fear is that during the time between the start of my vacation to now i visited my son’s brand new house that he just had built for him and his very pregnant wife i fear that perhaps we carried bed bugs there as well as all the places we’ve visited what should i do now and what kind of danger could present itself to my daughter in law and the baby who is due very soon please contact me with some much needed advice thank you

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