Dr Oz: Beddy Bye Books, White Noise & Swaddling Baby Sleep Advice

By on May 31, 2012

Dr Oz: Baby Sleep Advice

Do you have a little one that just won’t go to sleep? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Pediatrician (and baby whisperer), Harvey Karp, MD, to give you the best solutions on how to get your baby to fall asleep, so you can get some rest.  Dr Oz spoke about Beddy Bye Books, white noise machines and the best ways to swaddle a baby!

Dr Oz: Beddy Bye Book, White Noise & Swaddling

Dr Oz spoke about a Beddy Bye Book, a White Noise Machine & Swaddling to help get your baby to sleep!

Dr. Harvey Karp, MD says, in the first year, parents loose so much sleep. Half of everyone with a toddler loses sleep too. Loss of sleep can lead to marital strife, post partum depression and even obesity. The good news is that Dr. Harvey had remedies to help get your baby to sleep at night.

Dr Oz: Swaddling Tips

Amy, an audience member, said that Cooper, her 1-month old son, was unpredictable when it came to sleep.

Swaddling is snug wrapping with the baby’s arms down. The blanket is folded with the corners down. (the down, up, down, up, technique). Make a “belt” up and across to keep the arms to his side. The hips should be loose. Dr. Karp says be careful not to overheat the baby. If you see the baby sweating, dress him in less (or no) clothing before swaddling.

Dr Oz: White Noise Machine

Did you know the sound in the womb is louder than a vacuum cleaner? White noise imitates the sound in womb. Make a “shooshing” noise and bring down the intensity of the sound as the baby calms down. Low pitch sounds bring us to sleep. (Dr Oz tried it on a baby and it actually worked!) White noise helps the baby sleep through teething and growth spurts. Look for white noise with rumbling sounds. Adults can listen too.

Dr Oz: Beddy Bye Book Review

Jessica, and her 2 ½ yr old, Hope, came to the stage. Jessica said her daughter liked to stay up late and resisted going to bed. She liked to play and read instead of going to sleep. A Beddy Bye Book gives a child confidence to go to sleep and allows for mommy (or daddy)/daughter time, which they’ll enjoy. You can purchase Beddy Bye Books online.

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