Dr Oz: Bedphones, Sweet Relief Duo Cool Pillow & Philips Wake-Up Light


Dr Oz: Sleep Products

Dr Oz said that sleep is the number one reason you look older than you should.  Millions of Americans are not getting enough sleep due to stress, anxiety, or being just plain too busy with work and kids.  On today’s Doctor Oz episode, he showed how you can change all of that.

Dr Oz: How To Fall Asleep Faster

– Keep your bedroom at the 65 degree mark.  This is the perfect temperature that is conducive to warding off those sleepless nights.


  1. says

    Sleep is important so how can you stay asleep. I wake up about 2 hours after I have fallen asleep and find it difficult to get back to sleep. Thanks Jill

  2. Lanette Jaynes says

    Jill, I wake up unless I do this routine: take a clean hand towel/ fold and run water over/ squeeze
    out excess/ put in microwave for 90 some seconds. Prepare some socks that are about ankle length to have handy. Remove the cloth carefully as it is hot and steamy. Carefully apply to the toes and feet/ feel the relaxing and the increase in circulation. Quickly put on the socs, but only up to the foot arch. Scrunch the top half over the arches. If you go to sleep this way, you will drop off to sleep naturally and stay asleep. I asked a doctor once about it, and he laughed and said, yes, that would work. Something to do with circulation.

  3. Lanette Jaynes says

    I was searching for information on the bed phones shown on an episode this week.
    Is there information on a product line name, or availability? I have tinitus and think
    this might help me sleep more soundly. The first thing I noticed with using hearing aids
    was that the tinitus was blocked. That is great to feel I have some control over that.
    I see on the bing search that people with this ringing in the ears often recommend white noise
    and other things to block it.

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