Dr Oz: Bee Venom Face Mask & Bee Venom Night Cream: Beetox!

Dr Oz: Bee Venom Beauty Products

Dr Oz did a segment called Beauty and the Bees to introduce us to the latest in beauty products: Bee Venom of all things!  Doctor Oz bravely had cages of worker bees in his studio that were making honey, beeswax, and also produce Bee Venom.  Dr Oz is allergic to bee stings though, hence why it was such a brave thing for him to do!  I wonder if people who are allergic to bee stings should also avoid Bee Venom in beauty products?

Dr Oz: Bee Venom Cream & Face Mask

Doctor Oz was joined by Frederique Keller, a Bee Skincare Expert, who uses everything from fresh raw honey as a moisturizer to Bee Venom in face masks.  She said that Bee Venom is a secret magical ingredient.  In order to get the Bee Venom out of the bee, she holds the be carefully and gently and gets it to sting naturally.  You could see the stinger come out and then start pumping out the venom, which was pretty amazing.  She said that she takes the Bee Venom and adds it homeopathically to creams and face masks that she sells.  Interestingly, Dr Oz did a segment last season on Apitherapy, which is a Bee Therapy for Arthritis that also uses Bee Venom.

Dr Oz: Bee Venom Facial

Frederique Keller demonstrated how to do a Bee Venom Facial on a lady from Dr Oz’s audience.  The Bee Venom Face Mask was a Dr Oz Bee Venomred/brown color and the lady trying it out said that it makes your skin tingle gently.  Keller said that your skin reacts to Bee Venom by pumping up the collagen, which helps to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles in your skin.  She suggested leaving the Bee Venom Face Mask on for about 20 minutes the first time, just to be sure you do not react badly to it.  But you can work your way up to wearing it for around an hour.  Keller suggested doing a Bee Venom Face Mask twice a week and following it up with a Bee Venom Cream.  The products cost about $35-$45 and the little pot lasts for around 5 weeks.  If anyone has tried this Beetox treatment, please share with us how it worked for you in the comment section below!


  1. Marie Anne says

    I was very much interested in the Bee Venom cream segment on the Dr. Oz show today (Sept 16, 2011). I would have liked very much if the segment would have been longer and detailed. Thank you. Marie Anne

  2. says

    i AM SO HOPING YOU CAN HELP ME AS i LIVE IN CANADA, mY ADDRESS is 19 Fairmont Cove in Lethbridge, Alberta. |T1K 7M6. I would be willing yo purchase these products and I will pay US funds. , I am hoping you will say yes as I do need help for my skin. Thank you once again. My phone # is 1-403-328-3540.

  3. Teresa Windmiller says

    I am interested in purchasing the Bee Venom Mask as well. Does anyone know how to do that?

  4. Paul Martin says

    I to am very interested in finding a way to buy the bee venom cream-if anyone finds a good site please let me know

  5. Alicia says

    You might try BeePharm.com. There are no descriptions posted yet but it seems to be Frederique Keller ’s site. (I’m not 100% sure yet but am checking into it.) If anyone finds out, please let me know. I’d like to order but am also finding a hard time finding. On the show, she said it was available in health food or nutrition store. I went to the one here and they had never heard of it.

  6. Dee says

    Frederique’s website is beepharm.com. If you go to the website and click on events, it mentions that beepharm was featured in an upcoming dr. Oz segment to be aired on 9/16. And the products are priced as she said – $35 and $45.

  7. Lynda Stevenson says

    could you tell me where to find the bee products.This is my biggest problem dr. Oz tells us to go to the web sight but what sight you just cant find the products he talks about.

  8. Nikola says


    I am beekeeper and producing high quality bee Venom. Please inform me if You are interested in buying this bee product.



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