Dr. Oz: Beer Gut Charlie, Debra & Dr. Mike Roizen Reunion

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Dr. Oz: Beer Gut Charlie, Debra & Dr. Mike Roizen Reunion

By on March 16, 2010

Doctor Oz put Beer Gut Charlie on a diet with the help of his wife Debra, but they fell off the wagon!  So Dr. Oz sent Dr. Michael Roizen, co-author with Dr. Oz of YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management, from the Cleveland Clinic (also called “The Enforcer”) to checkup on Charlie and Deb!

Dr. Roizen found that Charlie was non-compliant!  Why did he fall off the Dr. Oz wagon?  Was it his knee operation?  Or the holidays?  Or his broken computer?  One thing is clear, Charlie is the king of excuses (just like many of us)!

Beer Gut Charlie’s Truth Tube Results

Weight: 290 pounds to 280 pounds (he is 6′ tall)

Waist: 51″ to 48.5″

Workouts Per Week: Went from 0 a week to 1 a week

Portion Control: He had no portion control before and he still has no portion control

Blood Pressure: 158/98 to 130/86

Charlie had lost even more weight, but the fact that he is reverting back is the problem.

Deb’s Truth Tube Results

Weight: Gained 10 pounds

Waist: 43”

BMI: 38

Body Fat: 44%

Weight Loss Plan for Anyone Who Fell Off the Wagon:

1. Commit yourself

No more excuses – sign a pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day and make healthy food choices! Ambush your friends and family and make sure to pledge by leaving a comment below!  Lets support each other!

2.  Practice Portion Control

3.  Be Consistent with Exercise

Find the time to exercise – if you can sit, you can exercise!  Jerome, Charlie’s trainer, is now going to be training Deb too!  We will be cheering for you Deb and Charlie!

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