Dr Oz: Beets: The Super Antioxidant & Dr Oz’s Beet Recipe


Dr Oz’s Ultimate Checklist: Antioxidants show included a segment called The Super Antioxidant You’re Not Eating: Beets.  Doctor Oz said that beets boost your brain.  In fact, there are many health secrets hidden in beets.  Even if you think beets are bland and tasteless, have an open mind.  When I was a child, my mother would try to get me to eat beets from a can, and I absolutely hated them.  But just last year, I bought some fresh beets in the produce section and roasted them in the oven (just like how Dr Oz said he makes beets) and they were delicious.  My husband and I could not stop eating them! Dr Oz Beets Antioxidants

Dr Oz: Beets Help Blood Flow

Dr Oz said that the blood red color of beets should remind you that they are good for blood flow.  The Nitric Acid that beets produce in your body open up blood vessels so that blood can surge throughout your body – to your heart, brain, etc.  Dr Oz said that a study found that beets may help to fight off Dementia, because older people who drank Beet Juice had an increase in blood flow to the front part of their brains.  Beet juice is one easy and delicious way to get beets into your diet, because it is sweet and people tend to like it.


  1. Larry Honerkamp says

    would really like some recipes for red and white beets, my parents watched the show yesterday and called me to find the recipes dr oz was talking about and i cant find them on here, so if there is anyway to get them emailed to me I would appreciate that,, we found out a month ago my father has cancer so he is really wanting things that will help with that, and for keeping his cancer from growing,, thanks

  2. diana hlebovy says

    Where is the beet juice recipe that Dr Oz said would be on this site?
    Please email it- along with his Green juice recipe
    Thank you

  3. says

    I was watching your show the other day, and you introduced a new juice instead of green juice beet juice for 2011. I went on the web site and I can not find the recipe. I remember beets, apple, carrot and parsley. Can you please help. Thanks Cynthia

  4. says

    My 31 year old son suffers from bipolar. He has been hospitalized 18 times. He also has partial complex left termpral lobe epilessy. I have been his caregiver for the past ten years. Is there any hope for my son.. He is taking his medication and seeing a psy. and therapist. Do you know of any out patient group that will help high functioning bipolar. Please help me. Thank you Cynthia Sirota

  5. dex says

    In Dr Oz’s red drink, are the beets and carrots cooked before putting in blender? Or are they raw?

  6. says

    hmmm good question Dex… If I had to guess, I would say they are cooked, but I do not know for certain. If anyone has tried out this recipe, please let us know what worked for you!

  7. says

    beet leaves are great cooked with little olive oil, onion in frying pan. just like to do with kale,not real done.

  8. says

    I like to eat cold pickled beets. Do these have the same food value as the cooked ones? I have bee told that cooking carrots makes them more digestible for securing the nutrients, and I wondered if this would be true of beets also. Thanks!.

  9. says

    Is pickled beets good for you too? And I want to know what you said about what to put on age spots as I have alot of them on my hands and some on my face? Thank You, Marla Roberts

  10. Joanne Nelson says

    I have a dark blue vein under my eye which has bothered me my whole life so far. I have read about others with the same problem but few have solutions besides lots of make up, I would love to go without make up for once in my life. I live in Canada so don’t know if my options are available here. Please help me, you are my last hope Dr. Oz it’s making me look old before my time.

  11. meredith says

    Always wear like dish washing gloves when handling them, because they will stain the skin and clothing. I really like to cut off the stems and put them in a steamer. Steam for about 15 to 20 min. Then run them under cold water and sluff off the skin. Cut them into slices and place them in a mason jar. Pour balsamic vinegar over them and a little water. Then place them in the fridge. They make a great additive to a salad. You feel like you are eating something so healthy for you.

  12. Ted says

    I read on line that passing pink urine and red stools after eating beets is a digestive disorder. My family physician says “that is normal.” Is it normal??
    Thank you!

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