Dr. Oz: Belinda & Brandy Twin Diet Plan of Bill & Jim Germanakos


Doctor Oz had Belinda & Brandy, a pair of twins, on his show because Brandy has lost 100 pounds, but Belinda is still very overweight. Brandy said Belinda has a lot of excuses and she is scared for Belinda. Belinda said it was easier for Brandy because she has no children, but Brandy does have a busy lifestyle, so this is not a good excuse… besides we always need to take care of ourselves first, otherwise we won’t even be there for our children or others.

Belinda’s Truth Tube Results:

– Weight: 360 pounds
– HDL cholesterol (healthy cholesterol that you want at least 45): 46 (so she is borderline)
– Percentage Body Fat: Dr. Oz couldn’t measure it because is machine cuts off at 50%.  Belinda is more than 1/2 adipose tissue.
– Waist Size: 61.5″ (and you want this number to be less than half of your height)
– Number of antacids per week: 21,000 mg (she is basically taking antacids all the time to control heart burn, which does effect you eventually)
– Real Age: 38 (in real life she is 28 and her twin’s real age is 26)

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