Dr Oz: Bergamot Lotion for Stress, Jasmine Oil & Chamomile Candles


Dr Oz played a game called Aromatherapy: Saved By The Smell.  Are you feeling sluggish or stressed?  Doctor Oz said that your power of smell can help to improve your health.  Aromatherapy offers a variety of scents that can heal, including Jasmine Oil for Energy, Bergamot Cream (sounds a bit like “Berkamot”) for Stress, and a Chamomile Candle for Pain.

Dr Oz: Jasmine Oil Boosts Energy

Dr Oz asked whether Vanilla Oil or Jasmine Oil boosts energy.  Sure enough, Jasmine Essential Oil Dr Oz Bergamot Creamcan increase your breathing rate which increases your energy.  Put a few drops of Jasmine Oil on your skin or on a hot towel that you place over your face.  Dr Oz said that you have to give it a few minutes, but it does work.

Dr Oz: Bergamot Cream Reduces Stress

Dr Oz asked whether Lemon Oil or Bergamot Lotion helps to reduce stress hormones.  Dr Oz said that you should look for a lotion or cream with Bergamot Essential Oil as an ingredient, and use it a few times a day.  I have never heard of Bergamot, but I cannot wait to try this out!

Dr Oz: Chamomile Candle for Pain

Dr Oz asked whether the scent of a Sandalwood Candle or a Chamomile Candle reduces your sense of pain.  The answer is that a Chamomile Candle has a mild sedative effect and reduces pain.  Light the Chamomile Candle and make yourself a relaxing bath with Epsom Salts, and you will feel great in no time.

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