Dr Oz: Best Insect Repellent & Bug Spray To Avoid Mosquito Bites


Dr Oz: How To Protect Against Mosquitos

After sharing advice on how to protect against beach lice and bed bugs, Dr Oz moved on to talk about one of the most dangerous animals out there: mosquitos. With headlines about west nile virus, zika, and lime disease there are plenty of people hoping for the strongest bug sprays with the least amount of chemicals. But what Dr Oz really wanted to know was whether chemical-free bug sprays actually work. It was time to put some of the top brands to the test.

First, Dr Oz welcomed Maria, a woman who says she and her kids are covered in bites all summer long. Her kids are two and eight, so she’s always looking for chemical-free ways to keep them safe. Luckily, the folks at Inside Edition put several different bug sprays to the test to find out how well they really work.


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