Dr Oz: Best Place to Buy Vitamins, Nuts & Tomato Sauce

Doctor Oz did a segment on the Best Place to Buy Anything!  All stores are not created equal, and as a good shopper, I personally spend lots of effort to make sure I am not overpaying.  Dr Oz was joined by Lisa Lee, editor in chief of ShopSmart magazine, which is a part of Consumer Reports.  What is the best place to buy vitamins, nuts and tomato sauce?  Drugstores, warehouse clubs (like Costco and BJ’s), discount stores (like Walmart and Target), online or the grocery store?

Best Place to Buy Vitamins

The best place to buy vitamins is at a discount store like Walmart and Target, which have the best prices for big brandDr Oz: Cheapest Place to Buy Vitamins name vitamins, but you will save an extra 40% to 50% if you buy the store brand vitamins.  Look for the USP verified mark on the label to ensure that you are getting what you think you are buying… and make sure it says USP Verified, and not just USP.

Best Place to Buy Nuts

The best place to buy Nuts, Dr Oz’s favorite snack, is at a warehouse club.  However, nuts do not last long, so if you buy nuts in bulk, make sure to keep them in the freezer otherwise they will only stay fresh for a month outside of the freezer.  Also, keep nuts in an airtight container to prevent them from going bad fast.  The reason nuts can go bad quickly is because the fats in the nuts can go rancid.

Best Place to Buy Tomato Sauce

Dr Oz is always saying how tomato sauce is great for you since it is full of lycopene, a potent anti-oxidant and cancer fighter.  The best place to buy tomato sauce is at a discount store or at a supermarket.  You do not want gigantic containers of tomato sauce because once you open then you only have 5-7 days to use it up before it starts to go bad.  Also, look for tomato sauce in jars instead of cans, which can have BPA.  I wonder why Dr Oz choose to have cans of tomato sauce on his show instead of jars… seems like a bit of a mixed message to me!  Also, at my Costco, I can get the regular size jars of tomato sauce, so I wonder if that is not the better deal.


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