Dr Oz: Best Probiotic for Fat Blasting, Upset Stomach and Common Cold


Dr Oz: Which Probiotic is Right for Me?

You know probiotics can be good for your health, but how do you find the right product for your needs? Get the right solution for a cold or upset stomach, and the best probiotic for blasting fat. Audience member Christina said that she thinks many Probiotic products are expensive, and she does not know what to choose.

Dr Oz: Do Probiotics Need To Be Refrigerated?

Dr Oz: Best Probiotic for Fat Blasting, Upset Stomach and Common Cold

What is the best probiotic for fat blasting? Dr Oz turned to expert Dr Julie T. Chen to learn about how different probiotics can target your health.


  1. Mary Lou says

    What brands of lactobacillis gasseri are refrigerated. I also hear that many of the products that claim they contain this kind actually do not have any at all. Before I purchase I would like to know what brand meets the criteria.

  2. Priscilla says

    Which brand would be the best decision for lactobacillus gasseri? There are many different brands for this probiotic but I would like accurate information before purchasing.

  3. Sandra says

    I’ve been looking for a good probiotic with lactobacillus gasseri. Could you please recommend one?


    Please tell me where I can purchase the probiotic containing lactobacillus Gasseri. Is there a specific brand or place/store? I in NYC/MANHATTAN.

  5. Kristy says

    If you click on the word lactobacillus gasseri that is blue it will take you to amazon to a page for Nature Made triple probiotic. You order it from amazon or go to your local target or walmart to see if they carry it.

  6. Pete says

    IFLora is a top brand of Probiotic which has the highest amount of good bacteria & has all of the microbes (including L.Gasseri) that are recommended on Dr Oz show. Available for $16 on Amazon.com.

  7. Pete says

    Amazon.com carries IFlora Probiotics, which have all the most important bacteria (including L.Gasseri), for only $16.

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