Dr Oz: Best Shortcuts Ever to Lose Weight & Diet

Dr Oz started off his “Best Shortcuts Ever” show by giving the Best Shortcuts to Lose Weight!  All of us want to be healthy, but many of us complain that we just do not have the time to lose weight.  Plus, the odds of succeeding at losing weight are against us.  Doctor Oz said that 45 Million people start a diet or exercise plan at any given moment, but over 40% of people cannot stick to the program and 95% of people who lose weight will gain it back.  As a side note – do not forget to enter our free giveaway to win one of five copies of Susie Q’s Workout DVD, which is another great way to lose weight and have fun!  Now onto Dr Oz’s Weight Loss Shortcuts: Dr Oz Shortcuts to Lose Weight

Dr Oz’s Best Shortcuts to Lose Weight

1. Eat An Apple Before Lunch

Dr Oz said that Penn State Research found that if you eat a large apple just 15 minutes before lunch, then you end up eating almost 200 calories less at lunch.  Dr Oz said that by eating an apple, you fill up the space in your stomach so that you do not overeat.  By doing just this one shortcut, you can lose an extra 5 pounds in a year.  Guess who is having a big organic apple 15 minutes before lunch today – me!

2.  Refrigerate Canned Goods

Dr Oz said that when you refrigerate your canned goods before eating them, the fat solidifies on the surface.  So when you open the can, you scrape off the excess fat.  Dr Oz said that this shortcut will take off 6 pounds in one year.  I personally do not think that Dr Oz should be suggesting anything with canned goods, especially after he does segments like this warning us of the dangers of canned food products: BPA in Canned Food Lining

3. Dilute Your Juice With 1/2 Seltzer

Dr Oz said that a normal glass of cranberry juice has antioxidants, but it also has tons of sugar that can turn into fat in your body.  So pour half a glass of juice and then add half a glass of seltzer so that you can cut the calories in half.  Dr Oz said that during a year of drinking straight juice that is not diluted, you consume an extra 48 pounds of sugar – so you can lose 13 pounds in a year with this shortcut.

4.  Fake a Carbohydrate

Dr Oz said that carbohydrates can increase your risk of Diabetes and other health issues.  So replace mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower (a version of “faux mashed potatoes”), and replace spaghetti with spaghetti squash.  By making this change, you can lose 12 pounds in a year.

5.  Replace Oil With Applesauce

Dr Oz said that you can swap half of the oil in a brownie recipe for apple sauce.  By doing this trick, you can save 6 pounds a year.  As a side note, I have heard of people doing the same thing with pureed pumpkin too!

6.  Swap Gym Bags With Your Friend

Dr Oz was joined by Keith Ferrazzi for this portion, and he said that people are more willing to stick with a workout schedule if they do it with a partner.  We are less likely to disappoint our friends than ourselves.  So if your friend cannot workout if you do not show up because you have their gym bag, then you will both be more likely to stick to your gym routine.  Dr Oz said that if you can stick to going to the gym 3 times a week for 30 minute workouts, you can lose 13 pounds in just one year.


  1. Stephanie says

    In regards to your comment on refrigerated cans, there are people who can not afford to purchase non-canned perishable goods (not to mention people who receive food from food banks and charities). So I think the show is just providing different options to all people (as they should)

  2. says

    That is a valid point Stephanie, thanks for pointing out that perspective. I guess I would have just liked it more if Dr Oz had said that canned foods are not ideal, but if you are going to eat them, then you can make it a bit healthier by putting it in the fridge first.

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