Dr Oz: Best & Worst At the Drugstore: Hot Flashes & Constipation

Dr Oz’s Best and Worst of 2010 included a list of the Best & Worst Drugstore Items for things such as muscle pain, hot flashes, chest congestion, soap and constipation.  Doctor Oz was joined by Suzy Cohen, author of Diabetes Without Drugs. Dr Oz Best & Worst Drugstore Products

Dr Oz: Heating Pad: Best for Muscle Pain

Suzy Cohen told Dr Oz that the warmth of heating pads can penetrate through your skin and soothe your aches and pains.  Heating pads also work well for chronic joint pain.  The worst product for muscle pain are creams with menthol, because there is no proof that menthol does anything for muscle pain.

Dr Oz: Sage Extract Tablets: Best for Hot Flashes

Dr Oz said the best drugstore solution for hot flashes is sage extract tablets, and the worst solution is evening primrose oil.  Studies have shown that after three months of taking Sage Extract Tablets, your hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms can be improved greatly.  There are no solid studies showing that Evening Primrose Oil does anything for hot flashes, making it the worst drugstore solution for hot flashes – but it does contain healthy fatty acids.

Dr Oz: Cough Expectorant: Best for Chest Congestion

Dr Oz said that the best drugstore solution for chest congestion is a cough expectorant, because it helps to bring phlegm up and out of you.  The worst is a cough suppressant, because that keeps you from coughing and getting the phlegm out.

Dr Oz: Foaming Hand Soap with Olive Oil: Best Drugstore Soap

Dr Oz said that the best drugstore soap is a foaming hand soap with olive oil or a moisturizer in it.  Suzy Cohen said that the olive oil has natural antioxidants like beta carotene and vitamin e which can help to reverse sun damage.  The worst drugstore soaps are antibacterial soaps, because they tend to dry out your skin and can lead to antibacterial resistance.

Dr Oz: Probiotic Supplement: Best for Constipation

Dr Oz said that the best drugstore treatment for constipation is a Probiotic Supplement, because it gives your body back the bacteria that it needs.  Look for a Probiotic Supplement that has live cultures, or you can eat yogurt or kefir with live cultures.  In fact, if you have not yet entered our giveaway for a Homemade Yogurt Maker, then I would highly recommend checking it out, because it is a great way to incorporate probiotics into your diet: click here for the Cuisipro Donvier Yogurt Maker Giveaway!  Dr Oz said the worst drugstore solution for constipation is laxatives, because they are a good quick fix, but after a prolonged use, your muscles can actually forget how to work on their own!


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