Dr Oz: Best & Worst Weight Loss: Diet Pills & Metabolism Boosters


Dr Oz did a show called the Best and Worst for 2010, which included a segment on the Best & Worst Weight Loss ideas including the best and worst Diet Pills, snacks, Metabolism Boosters, packaged foods and exercise.  Doctor Oz said that Saturday is the best day to start a diet and Monday is the worst day to start a new diet.  When you go grocery shopping for your new diet, the best aisle is the produce aisle and the worst aisle is the checkout lane because of the impulse candy purchases.  The best place to eat in your house is in the dining room, and the worst place is in the kitchen.  These are just a few of Dr Oz’s Best & Worst Weight Loss tips, here are the rest: Dr Oz Best Weight Loss

Dr Oz: Worst Diet Pills: Ephedrine

Dr Oz said that the worst diet pills are the ones that contain Ephedrine or Phed for short.  You can imagine the lining of your arteries as a delicate surface, and Ephedrine can make your heart beat fast and violently, which can mess up the lining of your arteries, causing damage to your blood vessels, which can lead to strokes.

Dr Oz: Best Diet Pills: Glucomannan

Dr Oz said that Glucomannan is a natural thickening agent that costs $10 at vitamin stores and is the best diet pill to try.  Glucomannan is used in Asia to thicken up soups, so you should take it with lots of water.

Dr Oz: Worst Snack for Weight Loss: Granola Bars

Dr Oz said that the worst snacks are any bars: meal replacement bars, granola bars or even protein bars.  You may think that it is good for you, but it often is not because they are made with sugar alcohols that bloat you and there tends to be lots of sugar.  The side effects simply are not worth it!

Dr Oz: Best Snack: Inca Peanuts or Sacha Inchi Nuts

Dr Oz said that the best snack for weight loss are Inca Peanuts (also called Sacha Inchi Nuts) that come from Peru in the Andes Mountains.  Inca Peanuts are high in omega 3’s and vitamin e, both of which fight off heart disease – plus it has lots of fiber.  Dr Oz said that Sacha Inchi Nuts have 3 times the omega 3’s of walnuts and twice the fiber of walnuts.

Dr Oz: Worst Metabolism Booster: Energy Drinks

Dr Oz said that energy drinks give you a temporary boost, but the caffeine and sugar are just quick fixes.  The worst part about energy drinks is that so many of us think they are good for us.

Dr Oz: Best Metabolism Booster: Cayenne Pepper

Dr Oz said that Cayenne Pepper helps to reduce your appetite, making it the best Metabolism Booster.

Dr Oz: Worst Packaged Foods: Frozen Diet Meals

Dr Oz said that frozen diet meals are the worst packaged foods for weight loss because they tend to be high in fat in order to reduce the sugar, or they increase the salt to make it taste better.

Dr Oz: Best Packaged Foods: Whole Wheat Pasta

Dr Oz said that whole wheat pasta is very effective as a weight loss food, because it is high in fiber and protein, and it helps to keep fat and sodium low.

Dr Oz’s Frozen Meal Rules

Dr Oz said that you can have frozen meals as long as they fall under these guidelines:


  1. Mandy McDonald says

    Thanks for the great tips! I am also going to pass this along to my girlfriends. You’ve got a lot of good content on this site. Thanks for sharing- Kristie.

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