Dr Oz: Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye & Embarrassing Questions


Dr Oz: Embarrassing Questions

Everywhere he goes, people reveal it all. They ask him any and all questions. On today’s episode of Dr Oz, viewers ask all the questions that you’ve been too afraid to ask because they’re so awkward. Gas, body odor, you name it—no question is off limits.

Some of the questions that people stop Dr Oz to ask include:


  1. Edward Bellman says

    Dr. Oz my wife and I enjoy your program very much. I been waiting to see if a show would appear that would help my condition. I have stage/class 4 COPD and I’m trying to lose weight (belly fat). I don’t have the stamina to walk, let alone run and basic excercises are difficult at best. If you can help me I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you

  2. Amanda says

    Hi; I thought I saw on one of your most recent shows a woman having facial hair and needed guidance on how to remove same. It may have been on the April 2nd show.

    Please reply.


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