Dr Oz: Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye & Embarrassing Questions


– Why do you fart while sleeping?

Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye

Dr Oz said Betty’s Beauty Hair Dye is great for “down below.”

– Why does poop pop out when going to pee?

– How bad can hemorrhoids get?

– Why do you snort when laughing?

– Why do feet smell so badly?

Dr Oz: Just A Drop for Smelly Poop

Akela, an audience member, asked Doctor Oz how to get rid of the smell when going #2 in someone else’s bathroom. Does a match work?


  1. Edward Bellman says

    Dr. Oz my wife and I enjoy your program very much. I been waiting to see if a show would appear that would help my condition. I have stage/class 4 COPD and I’m trying to lose weight (belly fat). I don’t have the stamina to walk, let alone run and basic excercises are difficult at best. If you can help me I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you

  2. Amanda says

    Hi; I thought I saw on one of your most recent shows a woman having facial hair and needed guidance on how to remove same. It may have been on the April 2nd show.

    Please reply.


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