Dr Oz: Big Bonnie Balloon Butt Diet, Recipes & Freakah


Doctor Oz had such an inspirational story today of a woman named Bonnie who has been overweight her whole life and has now lost a  lot of weight.  Bonnie was made fun of in elementary school and was called Big Bonnie Balloon Butt… children can be so cruel!  Bonnie said she never felt comfortable in her own skin and she now has a career as an illustrator.  Freakah



  1. Donna Keydash says

    I am trying to find the Freakah recipe that Bonnie had on the show… can’t find it. Tried this website and the site for Dr. Oz’s show.

  2. says

    Donna, I have tried to find it too, but to no avail. If I find it, I will certainly let you know … or if Bonnie is out there, please share it with us!

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