Dr Oz: Big Bottom Diet: Weight Loss For Your Body Type


Dr Oz: Body Type Diets

In this segment, Dr Oz explained the science of your body shape.  What weight loss methods worked for one particular shape did not necessarily work for another.  Dr Oz had several audience members come to the stage wearing a pair of jeans and a tucked-in shirt to reveal all of their body issues.  With the help of Fitness Expert, Geralynn Coopersmith, Dr Oz gave you tips on how to exercise and eat to lose weight in your problem areas.

Dr Oz: Big Bottom Diet

Cindy, the first audience member was insecure and felt that people were always staring at her butt.  She exercised and did crunches, but nothing helped her lose her big backside.  Dr Oz asked what it would mean to her if she was able to get rid of her problem area and Cindy said that she would have more confidence and not feel as though people were looking at her all the time.

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