Dr Oz: Biggest Makeovers & Health Transformation: 400th Episode!


Dr Oz 400th Episode

Dr Oz hit the 400th episode mark (Hoooray!) and in his 400 episodes, he has transformed the lives of millions of Americans. From day one, his show zeroed in on America’s obesity crisis. In this hour, Dr Oz celebrated the secrets of those successes by giving his audience his most amazing health transformations. He showed how his Dr Oz Fans lost thousands of pounds and without the aid of surgery.

Dr Oz Makeover: Jenny

Jenny was 52-years-old and weighed 449 lbs. Dr Oz Makeover She was so heavy, she could not physically move from her house, plus, she was a severe diabetic. Doctors told her she needed gastric bypass in order to lose the weight, but Jenny was afraid. One day, she watched the Dr Oz Show and in that episode, Dr Oz made her feel as those she could lose the weight—without surgery. Jenny lost over 300 lbs, but because of her diabetes, she lost 5 of her teeth. Dr Oz surprised Jenny with a call and told her that he would have his personal dentist fix her teeth.

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