Dr Oz: Binge Eating Guilt & Pregnancy Wake-Up Call


Dr Oz: Binge Eating & Pregnancy

Dr Oz met people whose lives have been affected by Binge Eating, including a mother who passed the habit on to her daughter. But he said his next guest has the most shocking tale of all. Find out how binge eating guilt and a pregnancy wake-up call are affecting one expectant mom.

Camilla admits that she is addicted to food, and she loves to eat everything from crackers and cookies to chips and fruit cups. She has been noticeably overweight for some time, but she has been hiding a secret. She is actually seven months pregnant.

Dr Oz: Pregnant Binge Eating Mom

Dr Oz: Binge Eating Guilt & Pregnancy Wake-Up Call

Dr Oz met a woman who has been hiding her seven-month pregnancy and is concerned about the effects of her Binge Eating guilt and habits.

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