Dr Oz: Biopuncture or Botanical Injection & Dr Lee Wolfer


Dr Oz Biopuncture

Dr Oz: Biopuncture Alternative Treatment

Doctor Oz did a segment called The New Alternative Cure: Biopuncture, after speaking about Alternative Treatments like Arnica (click here to read a recap of Dr O’z favorite Alternative Treatments: Dr Oz Alternative Treatments).  Biopuncture combines Acupuncture with Homeopathy to treat everything from pain to allergies.  Is Biopuncture safe?  How does it work?

Dr Oz: Dr Lee Wolfer & Biopuncture

Dr Oz said that Biopuncture has only been around for 20 years and only a few doctors are currently using it.  Biopuncture, also called Botanical Injections, Dr Oz Biopunctureimplants a plant-based remedy like Arnica, Echinacea or Chamomile into the areas of your body that hurt you the most.  Doctors believe that it works by stimulating your body’s natural healing process.


  1. says

    Another remedy we have found for pain is a drink called Zija formulated from the miracle tree.
    The Moringa Alovera tree has amazing healthy properties with over 90 proven nutients. such as 46 supreme and protective Antioxidants 36 Incredible anti-Inflammatories all Essential Amino Acids Cartenoids , Chorophyll ,Flavanoids, Lutein, Omegas , Polyphenols ,Plant Sterols ,
    Rutin ,And many more nutrients.
    I personally have Ostio Arthritis for many years and soon after taking this drink daily my pain level has dropped in half and seems to be improving daily.

  2. S.D. says

    I’ve had biopuncture done for TMJ and I was thrilled to see Dr. Oz discuss it on his show ! I’ve had wonderful results.

  3. Claudia Serbus says

    I was very excited about the information on the biopuncture treatment now available. My son-in-law has had pain from a whiplash injury for years. Nothing he has tried in the past has given him any relief. My problem is I can’t seem to locate a doctor in Michigan or in a near by state the does the procedure. Can any one help me? Thanks for your time.

  4. jkm says

    I’m another Michigan resident searching for a doctor in Michigan or northern Ohio that provides biopuncture treatment. There seems to be a lot of buzz after the Dr. Oz show on this subject but little info as to how to access treatment. A lead to a docto/sr using this method of treatment would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Pain MD says

    Pain originating from musculoskeletal structures is a significant issue in everyday clinical practice. The idea of triggering body’s own wound healing response should be followed by “allow that response to happen”. That is why the use of over the counter NSAIDs (e.g. Ibuprofen) should be discouraged. After a traumatic event the body’s natural response of healing goes through the initial phase of inflammation, if we stop that process with these drugs or cortisone injections, then the cycle won’t be completed and we will have a chronic condition. Bottom line please do not take NSAIDs after a traumatic event, treat the pain not the inflammation, the body needs it and mother nature meant it to happen!

  6. says

    I suffer from whiplash &degenerating Discs my lower lumber has been fused, I tried the
    micro stimulator they had to take it out because it gave me more pain, on top of that they put on my hip in stead of the fatty tissue of my side.I have sharp pains up an down my arms an back an hips are still hurting from where they put had the stimulator.
    Do you think I could be a candidate For this procedure?
    Philip Rose

  7. Theresa Ryan says

    My husband has had 4 back surgeries. His lower lumbar has been fused and the discs replaced. He has a lot of scar tissue and nerve damage. He suffers from leg numbness. He has a spinal cord stimulator which helps sometimes. He also does accupuncture twice a week. Would biopuncture help him? We live in New Haven, CT and would like to know if there is a biopuncture practioner in our area.

  8. gsh says

    I suffer with neck pain on since many years. I am trying to locate a practioner in the atlanta, GA area but could not find anything online. A link on your website about locating biopuncture practioners would help a lot.

  9. says

    I am looking for a practioner near Detroit,Michigan. I have had no success. Can you please give me some leads near Detroit,Michigan or even Toledo, Ohio area.


  10. Susan A. Murphy says

    My sister has arthristis in her neck and is in pain most of the time. I saw Dr.Oz with Dr. Wolfer and was very impressed and wondered is there anyone in the Albany area that practices this? This would be life altering for her as this ailment has changed her life style..please respond. Thanking you in advance…Susan

  11. louise day says

    I am in virginia (chesapeake) need a doctor in this region to do biopuncture for my chronic lower spine pain due to Lyme disease.

  12. Lucy Abene says

    I am on my second round of biopuncture for low back pain. So far i have no relief. Dr Martin Plotkin is in St Charles illinois under Wellness Concepts LLC 2075 Foxfield Rd. Phone 630 587 4338. After the 4th injection I start physical therapy. If this does’t work I will go on meds Lyrica has helped some people. I know cortisone does not work for me. Has anyone had relief with biopuncture? Dr Plotkin said it may take many months for some people to get relief. My previous course was one year ago with no relief.

  13. says

    I have been teaching Biopuncture to doctors in US in more than ten cities. But i don’t have a list of participants. Biopuncture is not a combination of acupuncture and homeopathy, it is a Western method which uses very low doses of natural remedies in, for example, pain points and trigger points. The products are made in Europe. If the doctor has followed a complete training and practices Biopuncture every day, the results can be amazing.

  14. Moy says

    I would try it. I am constantly in pain. Tried accupuncture, pain meds, chiropractor, PT, massages, and no results. My upper back is constantly hurting on a daily basis.
    I am salways having huge muscle nots.

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