Dr. Oz: Bioterrorism- Anthrax, Botulism, & Bubonic Plague


Dr. Oz discussed bioterrorism (anthrax, botulism & the bubonic plague) and the threat of such terrorist attacks on the United States with Colonel Randell Larson, Dr. Jeffrey Runge (a former Department of Homeland Security officer), and Dr. Leigh Vinocur.

The threat of a terrorist attack using bioweapons is very real.  Anthrax, botulism, the bubonic plague, ebola marburg losa and smallpox can all be tailor-made to become a weapon of mass destruction.  So how can we protect ourselves and our families from bio-terror?  Colonel Randell Larson said that bio terror is much more likely than a nuclear attack, even though small bombs are the most likely, but the bio-technical revolution is the real game changer and much more deadly potentially than bombs.


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