Dr. Oz: Bioterrorism, Packaged Food Detox, & Constipation Remedy


Doctor Oz discussed Bioterrorism- Anthrax, Botulism & Bubonic Plague, Marie’s Packaged Food Detox 28 Day Plan, Remedies for Constipation- Why Can’t You Poop?, and Kitchen Diva’s Asparagus Lemon Chicken Recipe.  This show originally aired on February 10, 2010… so lets see how we have taken the advice and lessons to heart thus far.  What have you adapted from this show into your lifestyle?  And what are your goals for the future?  Share with everyone in the comment section below… by putting it in writing, you are more likely to stick to it!  Here is my update and future goals:

From Dr. Oz’s Bioterrorism- Anthrax, Botulism & Bubonic Plague episode, I have put together a disaster kit in a large plastic bin that I keep in my basement with 6 gallons of water (you want 1 gallon of water per person per day… and you need a 3 day supply), 3 rolls of toilet paper, 8 cans of food with a can opener, a radio / flashlight in one that gets its energy from a hand pump so I don’t need to worry about the batteries dying.  I still need to put together a lits of emergency contacts in other states… any volunteers who want to be my emergency contacts across the country?

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