Dr Oz: Bizarre Foods: Stinky Tofu, Huitlacoche & Cuttlefish Ink

Dr Oz brought Andrew Zimmern on the Dr Oz Show today to talk about Bizarre Miracle Foods.  Andrew Zimmern has a show on the Travel Channel called Bizarre Foods.  Doctor Oz also picked an assistant of the day named Angela to taste these Bizarre Miracle Foods like Cuttlefish Ink, Huitlacoche, and Stinky Tofu.

Dr Oz: Stinky Tofu – Bizarre Food from Taiwan

Dr Oz tasted the first Bizarre Food which is called Stinky Tofu, and he did not seem to like it very much.  Dr Oz Bizarre Miracle FoodsAndrew Zimmern said that tofu is a soy milk cake that gets soaked it in what he describes as “dumpster juice sludge” for 2-14 days, until it smells like a dead body.  Stinky Tofu falls into the fermented foods category and is very popular in Southeast Asia.  Dr Oz could not even swallow it, but his assistant Angela said it was pretty good.  Dr Oz quickly popped an orange wedge in his mouth to get rid of the taste – Zimmern said that he was only sampling 2 day old Stinky Tofu.  Apparently, it is hard to even be in the same room with someone that has consumed the 14 day old version of this product!  Stinky Tofu costs around $12 per pound and it has some great health benefits including being wonderful for digestion because it works like a probiotic to help increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut.  Plus, Stinky Tofu is packed with protein.

Dr Oz: Huitlacoche – Bizarre Food from Mexico

Dr Oz did not do too well with the second Bizarre Food either!  Huitlacoche or Corn Smut comes from Mexico and it is a fungus that grows on corn.  In most places in the world, people see Corn Smut on an ear of corn and throw it out.  However, in Mexico, it is used like a mushroom because it has similar woodsy and aromatic characteristics.  You can just cut it off the corn to get fresh Huitlacoche, but this is very expensive to obtain.  Its easier to get a can of Huitlacoche for $8 a can, saute it with some onions and peppers, or use it in a sauce.  Dr Oz said that Huitlacoche or Corn Smut is great for fighting infections and strengthening bones, plus it is a complete protein which is great for vegetarians.

Dr Oz: Cuttlefish Ink – Bizarre Food from Greece

The final Bizarre Miracle Food presented was Cuttlefish from Greece.  Although they swim in every ocean in the world, Cuttlefish are not really fish.  Cuttlefish is typically served two different ways in the Mediterranean, according to Andrew Zimmern.  You can stew Cuttlefish in its own ink or you can eat it raw with some lemon juice and olive oil.  Dr Oz said that Cuttlefish is a great source of protein (18 grams per serving!) and Cuttlefish, especially Cuttlefish Ink, has cancer fighting nutrients that prevent cancer from spreading.  You can buy Cuttlefish Ink for $15 or you can buy the Cuttlefish directly, which generally comes with an ink pouch.


  1. Trienna Quilman says

    My husband has cancer and I am trying to find all the foods I can to fight his cancer. I know that Dr. Oz said that cuttlefish and its ink is a great cancer fighter. Where can you buy it?

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