Dr Oz: Black Pasta, Black Rice, Squid Ink Pasta & Black Foods

Dr Oz Black Foods

Dr Oz did a segment on Black Foods, because dark fruits and vegetables can help to lower your risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease and even Cancer.  The funny thing is that Doctor Oz did not include any fruits or vegetables on his Black Food list!  I suppose eggplant or dark grapes could almost be considered black, though they are more of a dark purple color really.  Dr Oz’s Black Foods include Black Rice and Black Pasta or Squid Ink Pasta.

Dr Oz: Black Rice

Dr Oz said that Black Rice has a many antioxidants as blueberries, plus it is high in fiberDr Oz Black Foodswithout having lots of sugar.  You can buy Black Rice for around $6 at health food stores or even online.  The black color of Black Rice comes from something called Anthocyanins, which are great for your memory and reduce your risk of Heart Disease and Cancer.  Black Rice sure beats White Rice in terms of being good for your health!  I wonder what the texture and taste of Black Rice is like.  Is it more firm or chewy than white rice?  Does it have a more nutty or earthy flavor?  If you have ever tried it, please leave a comment below!

Dr Oz: Squid Ink Pasta

Dr Oz’s second Black Food is Black Pasta or Squid Ink Pasta.  Squid Ink is good for you because it stops the growth of new blood vessels which helps to prevent Cancer.  Black Pasta is considered a delicacy in Spanish cuisine and can be found for around $9 at health food stores or online.  I also wonder what this pasta tastes like… does it taste the same as regular white pasta?  Please leave a comment below if you have tried it!


  1. says

    I was amazed to find that there was black rice. When I saw the Dr. Oz show by chance this morning, I tried the black rice at my niece’ house and boy “I have never tasted rice that was so good, utterly amazing”. I don’t think I will ever buy any other rice again.
    Now I must try the black pasta. After tasting the black rice, I went on the internet to research black foods and found out about the * black foods group on the “trifter.com/practical-travel/world-cuisine/black-power-8-black-colored-foods-their…” website. I will be trying all eight, and introduce them to my family. Thank you D. Oz.

  2. Natalie says

    I was served black rice in a restaurant about three years ago as a side dish to a ghastly piece of swordfish, and I enjoyed the rice so much that I forgot to be upset about that miserable fish.

    We quickly found some black rice at the local exotic food market, and have been making it ever since. The texture is great and the flavor a tiny tad on the nutty side, very nice. It’s as easy to make as any other rice. Love it!

  3. Nate says

    Black rice is also available at Asian markets like Ranch 99. It is also known as forbidden rice (something about only Chinese royalty being allowed to eat it) I bought some a while ago and enjoy it, but you definately cannot use it as a substitute for white rice, the texture and flavor are completely different. Black rice has an outter husk that pops as you chew, and a delicious flavor all it’s own…you cannot use it to sop up the juices of other foods. I love it, but I still haven’t figured out what to pair it with. It works great in my (super cheep) rice cooker, though it looks completely different as it cooks too.

  4. Joe says

    The Chinese have been using black food, e.g. mixture of black rice, black sasami, and black wood-ear ( a type of fungus related to mushroom that grow on wood and look like ears) for medicinal purposes.

  5. Redbony says

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  6. Kim says

    I love squid ink pasta partly for it’s interesting color when served, health benefits always a bonus. The taste is not that different from reg. pasta, and is spendie for everyday. The packages I buy are 17.5 oz so it at least is a lot of pasta for the $.

  7. Dan says

    Black rice taste good. Put a little beef broth in water and simmer for 30 mins. Buy the rice in food section of supermarket where they sell other rice. Not health food store. Food in supermarkets are regulated. Foods in health food stores or health food sections are not regulated.

  8. Deb says

    yuk…i can’t get past the color. ordered yesterday in beijing and had it for lunch, then again today, not for me.

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