Dr Oz: Bloat Busters: What Causes Bloating? Rice & Ovarian Cancer

By on May 17, 2010

Doctor Oz gave a bunch of Bloat Busters and tips for curing bloating on his segment called “Secrets to Bust or Bloat.”  Do you know what causes bloating?  How can you get rid of bloating?  When is bloating a sign of something much more serious? Here are Dr Oz’s secrets to stopping bloating!  What Causes Bloating?

Bloat Busters:

1.  When foods are high in sugar, they can produce gas when they are digested.  Which starch causes less gas: rice, bread or noodles?

RICE!!! Dr Oz said that rice causes less bloating, because the outside kernel of rice is digested aggressively by your body, so it does not have time to go to your colon and turn into starch.

2.  When should you see the doctor when you have bloating? If you are bloated with cramping? Bloated for 2+ weeks? Or bloated and flatulent?

Dr Oz said that if you are bloated for over two weeks, it can be a sign of Ovarian Cancer.  You should see bloating go away with bowel movements and after a little while.  Allergies to food can cause bloating, but this generally goes away after two weeks.  If you have been bloated for over two weeks, please go see you doctor!

3.  To ease bloating, what is the best thing to do after a big meal?  Drink red wine? Sit and talk? Or go for a walk?

Go for a walk to ease bloating after a meal, because it helps to start the digestive process.

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