Dr Oz: Bloating Remedy & Secrets to Eat Less this Holiday Season


Dr Oz: Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Tired of pigging out during the holidays only to feel bloated and achy? In this segment, Dr Oz brought up an audience member who did just that. They showed an image of her practically inhaling food and then parking it on the couch. (In good humor, of course.)

Dr Oz: Eat Less During the Holidays

1. Have 1 extra serving of veggies. Dr Oz Holiday Meals Get a regular plate of the foods you enjoy. Your 2nd plate should just be full of all vegetables. (And no that does not mean bacon in your string beans.)


  1. linda L brown says

    Great Show today, will try to eat slower, Thank you for all the suggestion’s on your show today

  2. Florence MIlls says

    Help me with my problem. I do eat slowly but I still get gassy and bloated. I eat a lot of vegetables. Actually I eat more vegetables than anything else. I can´t seem to eat a lot either. Any idea what could be wrong. My family has a history of colon cancer. Please write back as I trust you!!!!! Thank You Florence

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