Dr Oz Blood Clots: Fatal Blood Clot Prevention


Dr Oz did a segment on Fatal Blood Clots.  He started the segment by pricking his own finger to show how your blood goes from a liquid to something solid when it forms a Blood Clot.  This bodily function helps us to survive, but if a Blood Clot happens in the wrong place, it can be fatal.  Doctor Oz spoke about who is most at risk for Blood Clots and how you can help to protect yourself to prevent strokes and heart attacks from Blood Clots.

Dr Oz: How Blood Clots Can Kill You

Dr Oz said that if you look inside of a blood vessel, you will see blood flowing through along with platelets.  If a cut forms, a scab begins to build itself out of these platelets and it gets larger Dr Oz Blood Clotsand larger.  This is a good thing if it happens when you fall down and scrapped your knee.  However, if you are pregnant or just sitting around too much, then a Blood Clot can be fatal.

Dr Oz: Blood Clots & Pulmonary Aneurisms

Dr Oz said that when blood clots form in your legs, they can fly up into your lungs through a major vein in your belly and cause Pulmonary Aneurysms, which is the third most common cause of death in hospitalized patients.  Dr Oz said that they worry about this whenever a patient is short of breath.

Dr Oz: Blood Clots & Stroke

If instead of getting a blood clot in your leg that travels to your lungs, you get a blood clot that goes from your heart to your brain, this can cause a Stroke.

Dr Oz: Blood Clot Causes

Dr Oz said that the two biggest causes for Blood Clots include:


  1. Lyn says

    I had kidney stones removed 5 weeks ago and had iv in my hand. After the iv was removed I had a big blod clot which has now become worse. I was diagnosed with superficial thrombosis and told it will take a couple of weeks to get better. It has now been 4 weeks and is larger. What should I do? I found when the nurse injected the pain killer through the iv she did it very quickly and it was quite a painful experience with the liquid going into my forearm. I had never experienced this before. I am not overweight, I exercise and am not a smoker. I am 47 years old. I have surgery in another 2 months for a bunion, should I cancel it until this thrombosis clears up?

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