Dr Oz: Blood Pressure Home Monitor Coupon, L-Taurine & Whey Protein

Dr Oz did a segment called New Ways to Beat High Blood Pressure.  Doctor Oz included 3 foods that fight High Blood Pressure, 2 supplements for High Blood Pressure and the #1 way to beat High Blood Pressure with an Omron Home Monitor $10 Coupon (more information about this below!).

Dr Oz: Soy Beans Lowers High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz said that Soy Beans or Edamame are great for reducing High Blood Pressure because they relax your blood vessels.  Also, Edamame are high in potassium Dr Oz High Blood Pressure Foodswhich helps your blood pressure.  Eat 2-3 cups of Soy Beans per week.

Dr Oz: Collard Greens Lower High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz said that Collard Greens are high in calcium, fiber and compounds that help reverse damage to blood vessels.  Eat 2-3 servings of collard greens per week, where a serving is around the size of a big fistful.

Dr Oz: Cocoa Powder Lowers High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz said that cocoa powder is full of antioxidants which fight off the damaging effects of life and keeps  your blood pressure in check.  Dr Oz suggested taking 2 TB of cocoa powder 1-2 times per week.

Dr Oz: Whey Protein Lowers High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz said that Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is a great supplement for adding protein to your diet, plus it helps your arteries to relax.  One of the best ways to include Whey Protein in your diet is through a shake.

Dr Oz: L-Taurine Lowers High Blood Pressure

Dr Oz said that L-Taurine Supplements (a supplement I never heard of before!) is an amino acid that goes into our body and reduces our blood pressure.  Try taking 3 mg of L-Taurine every day for a few weeks, and check to see if it is helping to lower your blood pressure or not.

Dr Oz: $10 Omron Blood Pressure Home Monitor Coupon

Dr Oz said that the number one way to beat High Blood Pressure is by using a Home Monitoring Device so that you can check how your blood pressure is doing.  Dr Oz gave everyone in his audience the Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitoring Device, and all of us can get a $10 off coupon here.  Dr Oz said that the Omron Blood Pressure Monitoring Device is very reliable.  You just place the cuff around your arm, press the start button, the cuff will squeeze your arm, and then it shows your blood pressure on the screen.



    I have been unable to find L-taurine, but have found taurine. Is this the same? Also the smallest doseage I have found is 500mg. Where do I find 3 mg in L-taurene?


    Hey Dr. Oz.,

    L-taurine is out there; I found it in two out of three stores. Your 3 mg recommendation must be a typo……….it is only sold in 500mg or 1000mg..I started using it and saw a small dip in blood pressure the next day. I will let you know what 30 days does to my pressure with L-taurine, cocoa(unsweetened), raw almonds and whey protein.

    Back in 30 days,,
    JOHN Teplansky

  3. Jackie Aspaas says

    I have searched for both L-Taurine 3 mg capsules and Hydrolyzed protein powder in my area and on line. I cannot find anything like a 3 mg capsule – 500 mg is the smallest. The protein powders are $70 to $80 ea. for serious body builders. I could sure use some advice on where to find these items. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I am a vegetarian of many years. About 2 years ago I had a hysterectomy that did not go to well. I later had a mild stroke. I’ve had hypertension for many years – but controlled. Now I need all the help I can find. I have had some other TSA and mild strokes since that first stroke. I don’t want another scary pill with
    side effects. I would like a miracle. Maybe this 3mg L-Taurine pill and Whey protien? Thank you for your information and time

  4. Rubina says


    I cannot find the 3mg of L-Taurine. The smallest dosage is 500 Mg. Please let me know if that was a typo error.

    Thank you

  5. Paul Belime says

    The Whey Protein institute (wheyoflife.org) has good info on hydrolyzed whey protein and where to purchase, GNC being one location. Unable to find supplier for 3mg of L-taurine supplement.

  6. Master says

    It is supposed to be 3 GRAMS Taurine, not mg. In clinical studies they give people 7-8 grams+ per day.

  7. linda ashley says

    BLOOD PRESSURE up and nevr had monitor so will get one and would like coupon and best one to use at home that is easy. Guess, never knew to chck 3 times a day. Mine is up 170’s and I take med’s. thanks, Linda

  8. Caroline says

    JOHN Teplansky – Hello! How did it go?? We didn;t hear back from you after 30 days! Yep, its 3 grams. About 6 capsules a day. Do you need to have an empty stomach?

  9. Iyda says

    In the show, Dr Oz mentioned Green coffee bean extract helps reduce high blood pressure. If I purchase it, can it be taken together with L-taurine or should I take it alternate days of each item? I have hypertension stage 2.

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