Dr Oz: Blood Sugar Test & White Vinegar Lowers Blood Sugar

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Dr Oz: Blood Sugar Test & White Vinegar Lowers Blood Sugar

By on March 26, 2012

Dr Oz: Tests to Save Your Life

Being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave you the simple tests that can possibly save your life, such as a Waist Size Test. The blood sugar test is a 30-second test that gives you a number you must know—your blood sugar level.

Dr Oz showed up at a party to surprise Michelle, one of his biggest fans.

Dr Oz Blood Sugar Tests

Dr Oz said white vinegar lowers your blood sugar levels.

In true fan fashion, when Doctor Oz showed up, Michelle and a few friends were watching The Dr Oz Show. After exchanging pleasantries, Dr Oz pulled out the finger stick for the blood sugar numbers. Normal resting blood sugar numbers should be under 100. Some of the people at the party had numbers ranging from 85-100. (That’s good!)

Then it was Michelle’s turn.

Before the test, Michelle admitted that her father was a diabetic. Dr Oz pricked Michelle’s finger and gave her number—it was 462! (Yes, you read that correctly.) Michelle’s numbers were over 4 times higher than what it should be.

Dr Oz: Blood Sugar Numbers

Normal fasting blood glucose should be between 70-100
Pre-diabetic: 100-125
Diabetic: 126 or higher

Michelle needed urgent care. She went to the doctor immediately and was given pills to lower her levels. On the show, she told Dr Oz that she had lost 4 lbs and her blood sugar levels had dropped to 133. (She still wasn’t out of the woods, but it was a definite improvement.) Michelle told Dr Oz that she was now taking supplements and changing her diet to lower her current number.

Dr Oz: White Vinegar Reduces Blood Sugar

Take 1 tsp of white vinegar before a meal to keep blood sugar stable

Dr Oz: Fruit Reduces Blood Sugar

Have cherries and apricots as a snack to keep blood sugar stable. Although they are sweet, cherries and apricots don’t dump sugar into blood stream.

Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid Reduces Blood Sugar

Start of taking 300 mg per day. You can then increase to 500 mg per day. Purchase at vitamin stores for $10.

Dr Oz: Free Tests

Do you want your blood sugar numbers? The first 5000 viewers who log on to Dr Oz’s website at 3:00 pm tomorrow can get these tests for free!

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  1. Thank you DR OZ I watch your show every day !!!

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