Dr Oz: Blue Fingernails, Yellow Eyelid Patches & Orange Skin

Doctor Oz did a segment called 3 Colors Your Body Should Never Turn, because your body is the best warning system that you have against diseases.  Dr Oz spoke about what it could mean if you get yellow patches under your eyelid, blue fingernails or if your skin turns orange.  Here is what these color changes could mean about your health:

Dr Oz: Blue Nails Mean Heart or Lung Disease

Dr Oz said that when your nails turn blue, this could mean that you have Heart Disease or Lung Disease.  When your heart or lungs do not work Dr Oz 3 Colors Your Body Should Never Turnproperly, your blood flow changes and your nails can turn blue.  In addition, you can get clubbing in your nails and fingers.

Dr Oz: Yellow Eyelid Patches

Dr Oz said that if you get yellow patches under your eyelids, this could be a sign of high cholesterol.  Plaque in your arteries is just like the plaque in your skin, so it can create a fatty fold that is a yellow-ish color.  You could also get these yellow patches on your elbows or Achilles Tendon.

Dr Oz: Orange Skin & Hypothyroidism

Dr Oz said that if you are tired or exhausted all the time, it could be one sign of Hypothyroidism.  But another Hypothyroidism sign is that your skin can turn orange from not having enough thyroid hormone.  Dr Oz said that flamingos are pink from eating krill which are like shrimp, and our body would turn orange from eating carrots and oranges if our body could not convert Carotenoids found in these foods.

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