Dr Oz: Blueberry Leaf Tea for Diarrhea & Rejuvenator Fan for Sweat

By on May 16, 2012

Dr Oz: Ultimate Guide to Embarrassing Health Fixes

Do you have unwanted hair or get unexpected gas? Dr Oz has the quick fix for that with his Ultimate Girl’s Guide to your most embarrassing health issues.  Nighttime sweats? Read about the Rejuvenator Fan.  Have Diarrhea?  Dr Oz said that Blueberry Leaf Tea could be the magic trick for you.  He even spoke about sugaring gel to remove facial hair and foods to prevent heartburn (water chestnuts) and migraines (sesame seeds).

Dr Oz: Blueberry Leaf Tea Diarrhea Remedy & Rejuvenator Fan for Sweat

Dr Oz suggested drinking Blueberry Leaf Tea if you have diarrhea.

Dr Oz: Facial Hair Sugaring Gel

Are you embarrassed by that unwanted facial hair. Margie, an audience member, told Dr Oz that her facial hair was the first thing she saw in the morning. She’s had it for some time, but for the past few years, it has gotten longer.

Dr Oz says unwanted hair can start as peach fuzz and turn into a full-on mustache. As you mature, your ovaries stop making estrogen and extra testosterone seeps through the body and causes hair to grow faster. Excessive hair can also be heredity.

To fix, try sugaring gel. It’s not as irritating as wax and still removes the hair. To use, put it on the way you would wax. Take a piece of denim and stick it on. Then pull HARD. (Dr Oz tried it and yup, it hurt. At least it removed the hair.) It takes less than a minute to work.

Dr Oz: Facial Hair Removal Cream

To remove hair, simply place the facial hair removal cream onto your skin. This weakens the hair and allows you to scrape it off. It takes only 10 minutes to work. Apply it every couple of weeks.

Dr Oz: Antiperspirant for Nighttime Sweating

Melanie, an audience member, starts to sweat every time she lays down to go to bed. It was so bad, she had to keep a towel on her nightstand.

Dr Oz explained that under your hair, you have sweat glands. When you lie down, more blood goes to that area and heats it up. Then, the pillow traps that heat.

To remedy the situation, try placing anti-perspirant around your hairline. (For excessive sweating, you can try a prescription one.)

Dr Oz: Rejuvenator Fan for Nighttime Sweating

If you wish to go more natural for nighttime sweating, Dr Oz says use a rejuvenator fan. To use, set the time and it will turn off automatically.

Dr Oz: Beano for Gas

Shana, an audience member, told Dr Oz that when ate something, she got horrible gas and bloating and sometimes had to release it at the worst times. Over the last 5 years, it has gotten worse.

Dr Oz says Beano is a great product to control gas. Another all-natural remedy is ginger tea. Ayurvedic medicine says that the order we eat our food helps with digestion. For example, for lunch, try eating your fruit (apple) first before eating your turkey sandwich. If you eat the protein first (turkey sandwich) it slows down the movement in the intestines. The sugar from the apple will then get stuck and cause bloating.

Plus, Dr Oz discussed his fixes for your most annoying body problems, which included;

Sesame Seed Migraine Cure

Do you constantly get headaches and don’t know what to do about them? Dr Oz says to try sesame seeds for your migraines. They’re rich in magnesium to regulate serotonin levels. They also increase the absorption of vitamin C.

Water Chestnut Heartburn Cure

Water chestnuts increase saliva to help food go down better. Include water chestnuts in your lettuce wrap for an added crunch.

Blueberry Leaf Tea Diarrhea Remedy

This tea reduces liquid in GI tract to eliminate watery stool. Be sure to avoid fresh blueberries because they can actually make it worse.

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