Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown, Frederic Fekkai & Anti-Aging Secrets

Dr Oz: 5 Anti-Aging Secrets

Dr Oz’s Best of The Best Show gave a list of 5 Anti-Aging Secrets from experts like Patricia Wexler, Stuart Weitzman, Beverly Johnson, Frederic Fekkai, and Bobbi Brown.  Plus, Nate Berkus shared a great tip at the beginning of the Doctor Oz segment which is that you should replace regular lightbulbs in your home with soft pink lightbulbs, because they will flatter any skin tone and make you look your best.

Dr Oz: Retinol & Patricia Wexler

Patricia Wexler told Dr Oz that her secret to making women look younger is to use Retinol, which helps to turn back the clock.  Dr Keri Peterson, from Women’s Health Magazine, agreed that Retinol reduces signs of aging.  Plus, Retinol is easily available over the counter without a prescription.  Just make sure you buy a product with at least a .4% concentration of Retinol in it.

Dr Oz: High Heels & Stuart Weitzman

Doctor Oz’s next Anti-Aging Secret came from Stuart Weitzman who said that “Altitude Means Attitude.”  By wearing super sexy stiletto heels, you can feel younger.  Dr Peterson agreed that women love high heels and feel sexy when they wear them, but they can be bad for your knees and feet.  Look for heels with a strap around your ankle that will hold your foot back and relieve pressure from your toes.  Also, look for a heel height that is under 2.5″ and buy them at the end of the day, which is when your feet are most swollen.  And do not wear high heels for more than a few hours at a time without giving your feet a break!

Dr Oz: Beverly Johnson Face Cleansing Towels

Beverly Johnson told Dr Oz that her Anti-Aging Secret is to never go to bed without washing your face.  Women are often too Dr Oz Anti-Aging Secretsexhausted or forget to take this simple step.  By using Facial Cleansing Towelettes, you can quickly and easily dissolve makeup and the pollution that collects on your skin throughout the day.

Dr Oz: Frederic Fekkai Contest

Dr Oz announced another contest to win a haircut, hair color, makeup lessons, a complete makeup set custom for you and a total makeover by Frederic Fekkai and Bobbi Brown!  Fekkai said it is crucial to treat your hair like you do your skin.  You can use olive oil to moisturize your hair and apple cider vinegar to clarify it.  Olive Oil has lots of vitamins and antioxidants, but it is kind of messy, so you should look for products that already have olive oil added into them for great shine.

Dr Oz: Bobbi Brown Corrector vs Concealer

Bobbi Brown, the famous makeup artist, said that to you look better, fresher, and younger, everyone should use a Concealer and a Corrector.  First, you should apply some under-eye cream.  Then put on the concealer and corrector, which are the secrets of the universe according to Bobbi Brown.  They make you look less tired and help you to feel great about yourself.  What is the difference between a Concealer and a Corrector?  Brown said that a Corrector is a peach / pink color and gets rid of dark under-eye circles.  A Concealer on the other hand is yellow in tone and blends well into your skin.


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