Dr Oz: Body Dryness Test & B12 Standing Balance Test for Immune System


Dr Oz: Immune System Tests

Dr. Oz has already shared some amazing and helpful tips during his Power Hour, such as HGH supplements, Amino Acids and Brewer’s Yeast, but he is not done yet. He wants to arm you with even more information so you can know what vitamins you might need to replenish and keep your immune system strong.


  1. Shirley says

    Dr. Oz,
    You tallked about Dry skin, hair and nails but on the show or this sight you did not tell us what to do. Would you please tell me what I should do or take for stop this. I have issues with my skin and nails.

  2. says

    I agree with Shirley. I did not hear any suggestions. I have dry skin and dry hair and the hair color is not covering my grey well. The brown color is barely covering the grey and turns the hair orangy light brown. Can this be from aging(64 yrs.) or a lack of minerals or vitamins?

    Thank you for all your suggestions.

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