Dr Oz: Body Odor, Pit Pads & Wheat Grass Shots

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Dr Oz: Body Odor, Pit Pads & Wheat Grass Shots

By on October 12, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on body odor.  Just because you sweat does not mean you have to stink… sweat and body odor are two different things.  Why do you get body odor and what can you do to beat it?  Dr Oz said that odor is usually associated with sweating, but this does not have to be the case.  There are three areas of the body that are associated with both sweat and body odor: the pubic area, feet and underarms.  Dr Oz said that in these three areas you have a higher concentration of sweat glands. Dr Oz: Body Odor & Pit Pads

Dr Oz said that sweat is actually very valuable and regulates our body temperature, otherwise we would overheat.  Not everywhere you sweat from creates an odor though.  For example, you can sweat from your chest, but since the sweat there does not come from the hair follicle, it will not have a body odor.  If you sweat from the hair follicle, like under your arms, bacteria love this oil and grow there, which creates gas that smells… and body odor is born.  The strength of your body odor depends on how much sweat you make and the bacteria that feeds off of it.

Dr Oz: Deodorant vs Anti-Perspirant

Dr Oz said that there is a big difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant.  Deodorant kills bacteria, usually by creating a salty or acidic environment.  Anti-perspirant blocks up your pores to prevent sweat from being able to come out.  The way it works is that antiperspirants contain aluminum that go into your cells and fill up the space so that no sweat can come out.  The more aluminum, the better the sweat blockages.  Over-the-counter antiperspirants contain 14-25% aluminum, and you can see the exact amount by reading the product label.  You can also get prescription antiperspirants if you need an even stronger product that is over 25% aluminum.

Does Aluminum in Deodorant Cause Breast Cancer?

Dr Oz said that there have been a number of reports on studies on whether aluminum in antiperspirants cause breast cancer, but he has not been able to find any data showing the aluminum is actually linked to breast cancer.  Dr Oz said that he would personally rather us not to block up our pores with aluminum and that he uses deodorant rather than antiperspirant.

Dr Oz: Pit Pads

Dr Oz showed a product called Pit Pads that does to shirts what a pantyliner does to underwear.  Basically, you peel the Pit Pad off and adhere it to the underarm section of your shirt.  That way if you sweat, you won’t stain your shirt and the sweat will have a harder time to leak through.

Dr Oz: Feet Sweat

Dr Oz said that it takes more than a day for leather shoes to dry out, so you should not wear the same shoes every day since your feet sweat.  This will give the shoes time to breathe and dry, and you are less likely to have smelly feet and shoes.

Dr Oz: Wheat Grass Shot

Dr Oz took a wheat grass shot with someone from his audience.  Wheat grass has chlorophyll, which makes oxygen and kills bacteria.  So by taking shots of wheat grass, you can actually help to deodorize yourself.

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  1. Dr Oz should have mentioned the Flatulence Deodorizer by Flat-d.com It is an activated charcoal cloth pad that is placed in the underwear and it absorbs smelly gas odor or flatulence.

  2. Hi,

    Just enquiring, where can I purchase these pit pads from online? I do not live in America and I would like to purchase them

  3. Doctor can i ask what can i do because my underarm always wheat and that can cause body odor..and it can make so dissapointment turn off

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