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Dr Oz Body Odor

Dr Oz Body Odor Causes

Dr Oz did a segment about the surprising causes of Body Odor and how to get rid of it with Natural Remedies.  For example, did you know that Vodka and Vinegar help prevent Body Odor when applied to your armpit area?  Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, Patsy from seat 104, said that her husband gets awful Body Odor after exercising.  Here is what Dr Oz said about Body Odor Causes and Cures!

Dr Oz: Armpit Sweat Gland vs Typical Sweat Gland

Doctor Oz said that when you are hot, your brain sends a message to your nerves, which then send a signal to the sweat Dr Oz Body Odorglands next to your skin.  When the sweat glands receive the message that you are hot, they release fluid to help cool you off.  Dr Oz said that this is what helped us to survive, because unlike animals who have to pant (which makes noise) we are able to cool our body off without a sound.  You have two types of Sweat Glands: Armpit Sweat Glands and Typical Sweat Glands.  Typical Sweat Glands are found all over your body and help to get rid of fluids as you exercise and need to cool your body down.  The sweat produced here is mainly made of water and electrolytes, which the bacteria cannot eat and so no scent is formed.  Armpit Sweat Glands and Groin Sweat Glands produce more fat in their sweat, and the bacteria love to eat this which causes an odor.  So Body Odor is really a bacterial odor.

Dr Oz: Body Odor Causing Foods

Doctor Oz gave a list of foods that cause Body Odor and foods that help prevent Body Odor.  Meat (like steak) tends to make your body produce more Body Odor than people who are vegetarians.  Hot peppers also cause your body to sweat more, and therefore produce more of a smell.  Kale minimizes body odor because of the chlorophyll found in kale.  Olive oil also helps to remove Body Odors.

Dr Oz: Body Odor Home Remedies

Doctor Oz gave the following tips for how to prevent Body Odor:


  1. says

    I have found that drinking pineapple juice at least once a wwk also help wioth body odor. I can not use an antiperspirant as it causes itching and redness under the arms.

  2. says

    I have found that drinking pineapple juice at least once a week also help with body odor. I can not use an antiperspirant as it causes itching and redness under the arms.

  3. ACDC says

    Wheat causes body odor. Try not to eat wheat for 3-5 days, your body odor will go away. This is personal experience.

  4. Monica W says

    I have tried everything and nothing is working. I went to the doctor and they did not find anything wrong. My papsmear was normal, but I am still having this odor problem. I am a christian and I can not by vodka. I have tried bleach baths, oils, and soap and nothing is working. Help!!!!!

  5. Karen H. says

    For years i suffered from this problem. High School was the absolute worst for me because I would sweat underneath my armpits and produce a body odor. It was so bad, I would have days where I would scrub and scrub in the shower and still come out with the same body odor. This problem was on the verge of ruining my life. One day I believe I heard Joan Rivers mention Vodka to help prevent sweat and just two days ago, I decided to try it. Truth be told, I think I have finally found the solution. I shower in the morning, apply vodka to my underarms, allow it time to dry, and then apply deodorant. I am sure to shower at night as well. And reading this article here, I am truly excited that this could be the end to this 25 year old problem. I feel like so much weight has been lifted off of me.

  6. Having it hard says

    I am trying Probiotic Multi Enzyme Digestive Formula. I have been told that it helps to aide body odor. I have been told that many people use lotions, powders, and everything that does not seem to work. So I have been suggested to use Probiotics because there may be something wrong in my intestines, possibly my stomach. Nothing seems to be working right now. My co workers have been going to my supervisor and I am getting tired of them. The supervisor in turn goes to her boss and my life is difficult right now.

  7. Body Mint says

    there is a pill called body mint that works very well. I first tried it when deodorant caused my underarms to break out and it worked wonders. As a jogger, I can also vouch for pineapple juice.

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