Dr Oz: Bone Fractures After 50 & Dr Oz’s Calcium Cocktail


Dr Oz did a show called Dr Oz’s 50’s Prevention Guide, and here are his tips for Bone Fracture Prevention.  Doctor Oz spoke about Hip Fractures, Spine Fractures, and gave a special combination of vitamins that make up what he termed the Dr Oz Calcium Cocktail.   Dr Oz Calcium Cocktail

Dr Oz: Hip Fractures

Dr Oz said that Hip Fractures are the number one cause of Bone Fractures in women as they get older.  The hip joint is made out of a ball at the top of your femur bone, and the area of the bone that connects the ball to the femur bone can get weak and break.  Dr Oz said that people often tell him that their mother fell and broke her hip and his first response is always that the actual sequence was probably the reverse, that the older lady broke her hip and that is what caused her to fall.  Dr Oz gave a scary statistic, which is that 20% of the time an older person fractures their hip, they die within a year of the accident.  This is one of the reasons it is so essential to avoid breaking your hip.

Dr Oz: Food Good for Your Bones: Yogurt, Sardines & Collard Greens

Dr Oz said that three foods to include in your diet to help strengthen your bones are: yogurt, sardines and collard greens.

Dr Oz: Spine Fractures

Dr Oz said that the second most common bone fracture in people over 50 is Spine Fractures.  As you age, your spine gets crushed down so you become shorter and shorter and may even begin to get hunched over.  There are surgeries to help rebuild your spine, but there are also some preventative measures to take before you have the problem.  As you age, your bones shed their calcium because your body needs it, but this causes your bones to become brittle and to break more easily.  Try the following combination of supplements to help prevent Bone Fractures:

Dr Oz’s Daily Calcium Cocktail:

– 1000 IU Vitamin D

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