Dr Oz: Bonito Peptides, Moxibustion Therapy & Ubiquinol Remedies

By on January 4, 2012

Dr Oz: Natural Health Trends in 2012

Dr Oz spoke about several Holistic Remedies, and you’ve seen natural alternative health trends on The Doctor Oz Show before but which are the trends that are going to be big in the New Year?  For this segment, Doctor Oz asked 3 leading medical professionals to chime in on what big trends they believe will cross over into the New Year.

Dr Oz: Moxibustion Therapy

-Moxibustion Therapy- Moxibustion therapy is an ancient Chinese therapy that uses moxa or mugwort herb.

Dr Oz Bonito Peptides

Dr Oz: Bonito Peptides Hypertension Remedy

It can be used indirectly with acupuncture needles or can be directly burned onto the skin.  The method is used to help heal aches and pain and has been previously featured on The Doctor Oz Show.  It is inexpensive and helps heal pain fast.  The new health trend for 2012 is the at-home version of this therapy.

Dr Oz: Moxa Spray

Dr Oz called up Patricia, an audience member, to demonstrate how the at-home therapy worked.  Patricia stated that she had aches and pain all the time and could definitely use something like this.  You can purchase the moxa spray for $10.  To use, mist the achy area with the spray and rub it in.  Wrap the area in cellophane and then apply a heating pad for approximately 30 minutes.  This method also helps with cramps.

Dr Oz: Ubiquinol Heart Supplement

Ubiquinol-  This product is used for heart health, to keep it pumping strong.  You can purchase this product online or in health food stores.  For maximum effects, take 100 mg 1-2X per day.

Dr Oz: Bonito Peptides Lower Blood Pressure

-Bonito Peptides-  This product helps to lower blood pressure and is used for patients who have mild hypertension.  To get the maximum benefits of this product, take 500 mg 3X per day.

Dr Oz: Devil’s Claw Arthritis Remedy

Bonus Tip:  For arthritis pain, take 500 mg daily of Devil’s Claw.  You can purchase this item online or at health food stores.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Bonito Peptides, Moxibustion Therapy & Ubiquinol Remedies

  1. Where can I purchase the moxibustion spray

  2. I heard Dr. Oz talk about Moxa spray being available for $10.00. Where can I purchase this?


  3. Where can I purchase the Moxibustion spray? I have looked all over the internet. No luck.

  4. Where can I buy Bonito Peptides? I went to my local health food store and they try to sell me something different, because they didn’t have it.

  5. Where can I purchase the Moxibustion spray? I have looked all over the internet too and cannot find where to buy it either without going to an acupuncture physician.

  6. I would like to purchase the moxibustion spray but cannot find where to purchase. I see there are others wanting to buy this but no answer as to where to purchase. If Dr Oz is not going to give the information on where we might purchase these products, what is the purpose of showing the product on his show?

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