Dr Oz: Botox Warning Signs & Questions To Ask Before Getting Botox


Dr Oz: Botox Horror Story

Dr Oz did a segment on Bad Botox, and then shared a Botox Horror Story that left a couple on life support.  It started the day before Thanksgiving, and the couple decided that they wanted to look a little more fresh, so they went to a doctor set both of them up with a lady to give them Botox Procedures – little did they know that they were going to be injected with Raw Botox Toxin Type A.  They told Doctor Oz that they were tired, achey and sore after having the Botox.  The next day, they began to have trouble breathing and soon their son rushed them to the doctor because they could not even talk.  The wife went into cardiac arrest and both the husband and wife were put onto life support.  Every part of their body was paralyzed from the Botox Treatments.  The couple remained in the hospital for three months and had to undergo intensive physical therapy to re-learn how to live their lives.

Dr Oz: Raw Botox Toxin Type A

It turned out that Doctor Oz’s guests had been injected with Raw Botox Toxin Type A, which was unfortunately found throughout the US.  The FDA has since closed this down.  The husband who also got the Dr Oz Allergan Botox Bad Botox Treatment was actually a doctor himself, but he let his guard down because the Botox Clinic seemed so legitimate.  It was a two story building with around 5 doctors and 5 nurses, so who would have thought that they would be using Bad Botox?  Dr Oz was shocked that they could even walk after being on a Ventilator for three  months, but they were fighters and determined to get better.


  1. Henry says

    What about when doctors try to scam their unsuspecting patients by using same Botox VIALS on different patients to increase their profit and give you a raw deal?

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