Dr Oz: Bottled Water vs Filtered Water: PUR, Clear20 & Culligan

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Dr Oz: Bottled Water vs Filtered Water: PUR, Clear20 & Culligan

By on February 15, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment called What You Don’t Know About Your Bottled Water to follow-up his discussion of Chromium-6, Perchlorate, Lead & Arsenic in Tap Water.  If you are worried about toxic chemicals in your tap water, then you probably buy bottled water – but is bottled water safe?  Doctor Oz was joined by Urvashi Rangan from Consumer Reports to discuss the problems with bottled water and different filtered water options such as the Clear20 Water Filter Pitcher, the PUR Vertical FM-3700 Faucet-Mounted Filter, the Culligan Preferred Series 350 Undersink Water Filter and the Whirlpool Gold Wher25 Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.  I am happy to announce that Filtrete, the awesome product that filters water directly into BPA-free bottles, gave us one of their products to review and another one to give away to a lucky reader!  Stay tuned at Opinion Queen, our sister site (and make sure you are signed up to receive our newsletter over there!), to make sure you do not miss your chance to read our review or to enter the giveaway.

Dr Oz: Is Bottled Water Safe?

Dr Oz asked Rangan is bottled water safer than tap water?  She said there are different regulations around water, but none are as good as they are for tap water.  At least with tap water we Dr Oz Tap Watercan find out what is in our tap water and what is not, but we cannot know where the water comes from or how it is treated when you drink bottled water.  At least 1/4 of bottles water being sold is actually tap water.  The labeling is so confusing and the regulations are so poor that people get confused all the time.  If you see the words pure or filtered, it likely means tap water.  Tap water can have all kinds of problem like Dr Oz mentioned in his previous segment, like it can contain Chromium-6 for example.  How do we know Chromium-6 is not in our bottled water?  The truth is that we do not know, because bottled water can have the same contaminate problems, but at least with municipal water we know what we are getting.

Dr Oz: Tap Water Plan

Dr Oz has a 3 step action plan to bottle your own water:

1.  Test the Tap Water in your home.

2.  Filter your water if necessary.

3.  Bottle your own filtered water.

Dr Oz asked Urvashi Rangan why should we bother testing our water?  She said that only through testing will we know which filter we need in our home.  For example, if your home is older thatn 1986, then you could have lead pipes which can lead to lead in your water.  So even if your city’s water is perfect, the water in your house might not be.

Dr Oz: Water Filter Recommendations

Dr Oz said that Consumer Reports recommends the following four water filters.

Dr Oz: Water Filter Pitcher: Clear20

The simplest and cheapest water filter are the carafe system or Water Filter Pitchers that filter out Chloroform and Lead.  The Clear20 Water Filter Pitcher costs $25 and is a great entry level choice.   Also, if you live in an older home and are not using a filter system, do not drink hot water from the tap because the pipes can leech lead out into your water.

Dr Oz: Faucet-Mounted Water Filter: PUR Vertical FM-3700

If you prefer to have a water filter on your faucet, you can try the PUR Vertical FM 3700 which has a light to tell you when it is time to change the filter.  You can flip the filter down when you do not need filtered water (like to wash the dishes for example) and then flip it up to get filtered water straight from your tap.

Dr Oz: Under-Sink Water Filter: Culligan Preferred Series 350

If you want to filter much more water or if you have a big family and want to cook with filtered water, then an Under-Sink Water Filter like the Culligan Preferred Series 350 may be the way to go for you.

Dr Oz: Reverse Osmosis Filtration System: Whirlpool Gold Wher25

If you have Arsenic or Radon in your water supply, then you must go with a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System for your water like the Whirlpool Gold Wher25.  These systems require plumbing changes and a bit more maintenance, plus they cost the most (around $150).  Dr Oz said that you can get an even more expensive set-up in your home with Mega-Systems to clean the water in your whole house.

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  1. which company can I pay to test the water at my house?

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