Dr Oz: Bowel Obstruction, Lactose Intolerance & Growling Stomach Sounds


Dr Oz: Why Your Stomach Makes Sounds

Dr Oz said that you have to pay attention to the grumbling, gurgling and growling sounds in your stomach, because it could be a sign of more than just hunger – it could be a Bowel Obstruction.  Giselle, Doctor Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, said that she often has a growling tummy that is accompanied by lots of gas.  Dr Oz listened to her stomach with a stethoscope, but it was very quiet.  He said that you often can hear stomach sounds as your intestines and stomach push air and fluids through them.

Dr Oz: Bowel Obstruction Symptoms

Dr Oz said that as you push air through your intestines, it can make you fart or have stomach sounds.  However, you can get a noisy stomach from the Dr Oz Lactose Intolerancemuscles contracting and air or liquid moving through your system before or after meals, depending on what you eat.  Doctor Oz said that these grumbling stomach sounds only become a big deal when you have a Bowel Obstruction in your intestine.  A Bowel Obstruction prevents fluids from going forward or backward and the following are the most common symptoms:


  1. juan simon says

    i really need help i have stomach problems i dont know what to do my life a a living hell help me please

  2. L MAthies says

    HI, for the past couple of weeks I have noticed that I hae frequent stomach growling sounds. Some appear to come from various places in my abdomen and some appeard to come from the right quadrant area. There is no pain associated with the noises. I have had more gas lately and diarhea a couple of times. I am going through an large amount of stress right now. I do get pain in my ribs and back but this appears to be related to strenuous activity such as lifting items, etc… I have had MRI, ultrasound, cat scan bloodwork and all is normal. Could the noise in my right quadrant be from my gallbladdder or intestines in this area ? Does it sound like I have a medical problem ?

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